Australia : Daech claims the terrorist attack on the knife

Australie : Daech revendique l'attaque terroriste au couteau

An assailant armed with a knife has killed one person and wounded two others on Friday 9 November in the heart of Melbourne, in the south of Australia.

A person has been stabbed to death and two were injured this Friday, November 9, in an attack in the heart of the australian city of Melbourne, the police opening fire on a suspect who brandished a weapon. The islamic State has claimed in the wake of this attack.

The police of the State of Victoria, in the south-east of the vast island-continent, explained that the security forces had “initially responded to a report about a car on fire.” But once on the spot, the police have discovered that people had been stabbed.

The incident occurred in the Melbourne central business district, in the centre of the city, around 16: 20 when people began to leave work for the weekend.

The local media have released video images showing a man of great size, clad in a black robe, doing pinwheels, with arms and try to strike blows with a knife at police officers near a pick-up truck in flames.

We see the police attempt to stop the man without violence for at least a minute while the suspect rushed on them several times, waving his weapon. Then, a police officer shoot him with a gun.

Of the injured cared for on site

“A man was arrested on the scene and was transported under police escort to the hospital in critical condition,” said commissioner David Clayton. One person died on scene and two other people are still being treated, he added.

The police has asked the public to avoid travel in the area, noting, however, that she was not looking for other suspects. “We do not seek anyone else for the moment.” Investigators have also been dispatched to the site, a team of deminers to secure the area and examine the vehicle on fire.

“The exact circumstances are yet to be determined. The area has been cordoned off,” added the investigators, with an appeal for witnesses. The emergency services have stated that they have treated three people on the spot.

The australian police announced that it considered this attack as a terrorist act, adding that the suspect was originally from Somalia and was known to the intelligence services.

“We treat now of this as a terrorist event,” said Graham Ashton, the head of the police of the State of Victoria. The suspect “was known to us,” and his 4×4 vehicle was filled with gas cylinders, he added.


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