Aude : the promoter of wind power calls for€ 1 Million to the opponents

Aude : le promoteur éolien réclame 1 M€ aux opposants

The project in question was launched in 2008.

Procedure for the use of abusive, especially against the League of protection of birds of Aude.

“A first in France.” That’s the only point on which the League of protection of birds of Aude (LPO) and the promoter of wind power Valorem agree. On Thursday, the association has communicated the actions taken by a company that has already brought the completion of several parks in the Aude.

Vital area for birds of prey

But it is more specifically on a draft dated 2008, on the communes of Saint-Polycarpe and Véraza in the Upper Valley of the Aude, of the dispute. To the point that Valorem has assigned the LPO, two other associations (the Future of Alet and Assistance to the initiative in the respect of the environment) as well as two individuals for “abuse”.

An action brought before the tribunal de grande instance de Carcassonne, in claiming the sum of 1 017 986,38 € to the opponents, on the grounds of delays in the construction of a park originally planned for a 15-gear in 2008.

Thierry Rutkowski, co-chair of the LPO, no abuse of the procedures or actions taken against the project : “If we are opposed, it is in the light of the shortcomings evident in the impact study. It is on a Natura 2000 site where there are the highest stakes in terms of biodiversity.”

Denouncing the absence of requests by the promoter of the services of the State “to seek derogations to the destruction of species”, Thierry Rutkowski recalls that the wind turbines are projected to Véraza are located “on a vital area for bearded vultures, vultures, golden eagles, or kicked”.

Precision delivered in advance to ensure that the LPO does not want to be “anti-wind energy on the principle. But we simply cannot consider projects that threaten biodiversity”.

Attempted intimidation

And see in the action of Valorem “an attempt of intimidation to its place with watermark a goal of décrédibilisation of its action to the general public. The astronomical sum demanded by the group Valorem is shocking and unbecoming of an actor of the ‘ecological transition'”.

A notice delivered at the same time regretting the circumstances in which the LPO is found in this procedure is unexpected : “due to the Lack of planning of the wind farm by the public authorities, in the absence of mapping relied on, it comes to such nonsense…”

A feeling that comes while waiting for a date audiencement of this case, while the appeal against the three machines projected to Véraza will soon be examined by the administrative court of appeal of Marseille.



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