“Ate the energy from a lightning strike”: the alien ship is accidentally caught on video, this time it’s serious

"Питались энергией от удара молнии": инопланетный корабль случайно попал на видео, на этот раз все серьезно

Can the alien ship to obtain the energy by a natural disaster? Could the alien ships to move the huge range? The experts agree unanimously answer Yes.

This is not the first space ship that was seen in the sky during a thunderstorm and strong lightning. To date, no one flying machine invented by mankind is not able to withstand the strong lightning.

"Питались энергией от удара молнии": инопланетный корабль случайно попал на видео, на этот раз все серьезно

The aliens deliberately be at the epicenter of the disaster with a view to use lightning. The only logical response to the question of whether this act is that in this way the humanoids charged spacecraft.

Despite the fact that many netizens criticized the approval of ufologists such incidents, perhaps, one of the most unique in the history of modern science. Indeed, in this case, UFOlogy and physics agreed.

And unique footage, posted online, once confirmed that on Earth there is alien trace.

The blogger said that he was able to take video of the alien ship that tried to hide behind lightning. The footage can be seen in the sky hovering triangular shaped object that becomes visible only when the flash of light, reports.

The video appeared on channel UFO Today, the creators of which claim that alien beings thus receive the energy for their ship. However, there is no evidence that the shots are authentic.

“These mysterious objects feed on the energy from a lightning strike, measurable 200 thousand amps. So they recharged their intergalactic batteries,” – says the blogger.

However, some netizens felt that an unidentified object could be a common optical illusion from behind the clouds.

We will remind, the inhabitant of Sweden posted a video on YouTube, which shows a strange object filmed in the sky over Gothenburg. Netizens immediately began to offer their version.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”, well camouflaged unidentified flying object was spotted by UFO in Hungary. The researchers were able to capture the invisible object with an infrared camera.

Also “Znayu” I wrote to the International space station (ISS) ufologists have discovered a strange flying object of a large size, which was moving in the opposite direction from the station.


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