At the G-20 summit forgot about Macron: funny video

На саммите G-20 забыли о Макроне: курьезное видео

Makron forgot to meet at the G-20 summit

The President of France Emmanuel macron arrives in Buenos Aires to take part in the summit of “Big twenty”. However, it was a nasty surprise – the Makron and to my surprise found that no one meets at the ramp.

Video of curiosity unveiled portal Infobae.

For some time the President and his wife never even left the plane, but in the end decided not to wait. Going down the stairs, the Makron did not see any officials. the plane was just airport employees. And the President of France did not panic and greeted them, then walked the red carpet.

На саммите G-20 забыли о Макроне: курьезное видео

The first official person who met the Macron, was Vice-President of Argentina Gabriela Michetti. However, this happened only when the head of state approached the car. The cause of all the confusion with the Protocol.

Recall that in the network appeared the first photos from the fields of the summit, which demonstrate defamed trump Putin. On all pictures, where both presidents, Putin stands with a sad face, and trump it significant to ignore.

During the ceremony of photographing on the sidelines of the G20 summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin was on the podium earlier American counterparts, but trump had passed him. Later, in the hall of the plenary session, Vladimir Putin shook hands with the Prince of Saudi Arabia, but trump’s welcome did not, that did not bother the White house.

As reported by the portal Znayu Donald trump was disappointed in simultaneous translation during the speech of the Argentine colleagues Mauricio Macri during the G20 summit and took out the receiver.

Also Znayu wrote, the US President, Donald trump has cancelled the upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was held in Argentina.


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