At the bottom of the ocean found the Atlantis. Don’t believe? Watch the video

На дне океана нашли ту самую Атлантиду. Не верите? Смотрите видео

Just recently, American scientists found the satellite images of Google Earth the traces of a sunken ancient city near Los Angeles (USA). According to scientists, this may be the legendary Atlantis.

Video evidence findings published on YouTube.

So, the service has shown that next to the continent at a depth of about 28 meters is the previous city. The length of this settlement is about 1.6 km and a width of slightly less than 1 km. it is Noteworthy that it is located at a distance of slightly less than 2.5 km from the shores of long beach.

The video clearly shows that there is an underwater wall of the once sunken city. In appearance it resembles those that were built in Rome in 200 – 300 years BC. Note that once these walls were quite common, and served to protect the cities. At the same time inside it to find anything yet failed.

На дне океана нашли ту самую Атлантиду. Не верите? Смотрите видео

a screenshot from the video

It is obvious that this town is unlikely to scale can be compared with Atlantis. At the same time, the finding makes it clear how to exist then life is, and how widely it has spread.

Recall that archaeologists in Greece in the Peloponnese discovered the ruins of the city of Teneya. According to preliminary data, talking about the settlement 13-12 centuries BC. Before that, we found several cemeteries, we also know of two statues of the Roman era.

As reported by the portal Znayu British search company Merlin Burrows said that he had found Atlantis. According to the company, its ruins were near the coast of Spain. After analyzing the data from the satellites Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 and of the works of Plato, they found that the lost city is located in the doñana National Park.

The portal also Znayu wrote that scientists from the UK were finally able to unravel the mystery of the drawings that were discovered in the cave of Lascaux in France. Image dated fifteen thousand years before our era. According to scientists, the ancient people drew the results of their astronomical observations.


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