Astrologers explained purse “enrich” each Zodiac sign

Астрологи объяснили, кошелек "обогатит" каждый знак Зодиака

The astrologers said that the money are more willing to go in that purse, the color of which harmonizes with the element of zodiac sign.

This is reported by Russian media.

Your chosen wallet should cause only positive emotions, then it will never be empty

People under this Zodiac sign will fit purses of gold, green and brown. In addition, they need to opt for large purses premaratne form.

Астрологи объяснили, кошелек "обогатит" каждый знак Зодиака

Representatives of this Zodiac sign it is necessary to use the ordinary and hardly noticeable wallets, to lessen the strong energy of your sign.

Muted green and dark brown shades will help to bring to life money abundance. Clutches and wallets are the perfect choice for men and women.

Cheerful Twins will fit wallets purple, grey, green and yellow.

Cancers of considerate and wise, but they are overly emotional and sensitive. They should select the wallet soothing tone. You should prefer white, silver, platinum or blue color, and is made of a rectangular form.

People with this Zodiac SEACOM most suitable purse red, black, yellow will help you with this. Rectangular and roomy wallets such shades will never be empty.

Астрологи объяснили, кошелек "обогатит" каждый знак Зодиака

For this Zodiac sign the necessary wallets blue, purple and green shades. Simple and laconic forms, bright accents in the form of ornament.

Harmonious Libras sometimes need an incentive to move forward. They will fit the wallets of white, green, beige and blue. Bright purses rectangular, round or square shape.

To balance the strong energy will help them purse Burgundy, gray or yellow tint. The purse to be roomy, but compact, because the best form is.

They will fit wallets blue, purple, black. In addition, the wallet can put a good luck charm that will help to avoid troubles and to find ways to make good money.

Hardworking Capricorns will fit the original black, green, blue purses. Inside the purse you can put a stone corresponding to a zodiac sign, so he drew the money and pushed the failure.

Астрологи объяснили, кошелек "обогатит" каждый знак Зодиака

The most successful classic design. To charge the purse financial energy, you can use whispers for money.

Wise Fish fit soothing colors: silver, blue, grey, white. A rectangular or square shape will be better, and so the wallet was attracting monetary abundance, it is necessary to put the figure of a fish.

Recall that the astrologers brought your demons.

As reported “Znayu horoscope “the rich” signs of the Zodiac.

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