Assassination Nation : a film so Black Mirror bloody and enjoyable at the cinema

Assassination Nation : a Black Mirror bloody cinema

Waiting for the return of Black Mirror on Netflix, the movie Assassination Nation – expected on December 5 at the cinema, should make you happy. Yes, when the new technologies are ruining the lives of thousands of people, it can quickly become bloody…

This is not because Christmas is approaching that he must be content to watch tv movies silly and shots on M6 or Netflix. On the contrary, nothing forbids to have fun through stories much more crazy and impressive in order to release the pressure between two races to toys.

When the piracy out of control

That falls well, it is on December 5 that the film Assassination Nation directed by Sam Levinson and carried by Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse or even Hari Nef released in the cinemas. The program ? You can expect a thriller way Black Mirror bloody which you will not emerge unscathed.

By his senior year in high school, Lily and three of her best friends will see their lives turn into a nightmare after a huge piracy within Salem, city. While all residents are connected to their mobile phones, to social networks and spend their time on the net, all of their personal data will be public. What to do to be born of the tension between everyone as the secrets will reveal themselves, and lead to madness, vengeful and murderous.

Take a piece of Black Mirror, add a touch of American Nightmare, sprinkle with a zest of madness how Edgar Wright and you get the film Assassination Nation. He is at once enjoyable and disturbing, you will never look at your laptop the same way then…

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