Assange could be executed in the dungeons of trump

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

Controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will not leave Ecuador’s Embassy in London.

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

This was reported by his lawyer Barry Pollack, writes The Telegraph.

“The proposal that as long as Assange is not facing the death penalty, he should not fear persecution, obviously, is not reliable,” – said the lawyer.

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

The human rights activist stressed that no one can be prosecuted for publishing truthful information.

According to him, the US has put forward such accusations Assange, so Ecuador should grant him asylum.

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

I should add that earlier the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno stated that he had received from the UK written assurances that Assange should not be extradited to a country where he faces the death penalty.

“The road is open for Assange to make the decision to leave,” reads the statement of the President.

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

However, despite the previous statement, he also emphasized that Assange needs to leave Ecuador’s Embassy, as “this situation cannot last forever.”

We will remind, the founder of WikiLeaks, Australian Julian Assange is now the official Ecuadorian.

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

The foreign Minister of Ecuador, josé Valencia said that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been granted refugee status in Ecuador, reports El Universo.

Earlier foreign editions appeared the information that in Ecuador want to arrange for Assange diplomatic status, so he could get immunity and move freely across countries and is not afraid of arrest. It was about the fact that Assange is going to offer the position of counselor in the Embassy of Ecuador in Russia or the UK.

Ассанжа могут казнить в застенках Трампа

However, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ecuador did not comment on this information.

“His status of a person who asks for asylum will continue to operate,” said Valencia.

Previously Know This.Eeyore wrote about the fact that WikiLeaks has published online a book by Michael Wolff “Fire and fury: the White house trump”. Sell it began not only in specialized shops but also on the Amazon website.

Also Know As.ia reported that in the United States at the age of 37 years died hacker Adrian Lamo, who informed the American authorities about the activities of WikiLeaks informant Chelsea manning.


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