As industrial chemicals shorten manhood

Как промышленные химикаты укорачивают мужское достоинство

Certain chemicals affect the size of the penis in men.

To this unexpected conclusion the team of scientists from the University of Padua in Italy after the analysis of the impact of PFCs (perfluorocarbons) in the level of testosterone in the human body, reports the Daily Mail.

Как промышленные химикаты укорачивают мужское достоинство

The results of their examination showed that chemicals can cause genitals become “shorter and thinner”. And this effect is evident not only in the womb. PFCs can be toxic and adolescents.

In particular, the researchers found that young men who grew up in contaminated areas, the penis is 12.5% shorter and 6.3% thinner than other men.

The researchers came to this conclusion after measuring the indicators of penises 383 men, whose average age was 18 years.

It should be noted that PFCs are contained in packages, paper plates, liquid for washing windscreens, fire foam and waterproof clothing.

Also the chemicals are part of some adhesives, cosmetics, medicines, electronics, cleaners, polishes and waxes, insecticides and paints.

However, their toxic and potentially carcinogenic is only in the early stages of understanding.

Как промышленные химикаты укорачивают мужское достоинство

According to doctors, the chemicals may be contained in the food or in the water. Hence, they enter the bloodstream and can be toxic to the fetus caused by the consumption of mother and adolescents exposed to great hormonal changes.

For men, exposure to PFCs in the womb may lead to a higher level of female hormones in adulthood and small penis size.

In the study, men were measured the penises of 212 men who grew up in an area with high exposure to PFCs, and 171 men who grew up outside the area.

In men not exposed to pollution, the average length of an erect penis was 10 cm, and in men contaminated sites — a total of 8.75 cm

Their penises were also thinner: 9,65 cm compared to 10.3 cm

Scientists say that nothing can be done to solve this problem, while PFCs will not be banned or phased out, and even then the problem is likely to persist.

PFCs are highly stable chemicals, and it is expected that those already released into the environment will stay there for a long time.

Как промышленные химикаты укорачивают мужское достоинство

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