Artemis Fowl : the first trailer that puts the eyes

Artemis Fowl : the trailer of the Disney movie

Are you ready to believe in the unbelievable ? In August, Disney will release the movie Artemis Fowl, adapted from the series of novels of the same name written by Eoin Colfer. Check out the first trailer that promises a movie stunning.

In 2019, Disney will not lie idle. In addition to the films version live-action of his cartoons cults such as Dumbo, Aladdin or The Lion King, the studio will unveil also Avengers 4, The Snow Queen 2, Toy Story 4, but also Star Wars 9. In addition to all this, Disney will unveil finally the adaptation ofArtemis Fowl in the project since 2001 in Hollywood.

Artemis Fowl is revealed

Before being a movie, Artemis Fowl is a series of novels written by Eion Colfer. It contains 8 books that tell the adventures of young Artemis Fowl, a young boy who, when he was 12 years old, will discover that there is a people of fairies who live hidden under the earth. Instead of helping to protect their secret, Artemis Fowl decides to side with the bad guys and will try to steal them. The first images of the film have announced a adaptation visually impressive and we already look forward to see more.

Side casting, it is Ferdia Shaw, for whom this is the first film that will play the main role. The cast includes Judi Dench, and Josh Gad. Artemis Fowl has been directed by Kenneth Branagh and will be in theatres the 14th of August 2019.

Artemis Fowl : la première bande-annonce qui en met plein les yeux

Artemis Fowl : the movie poster


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