Around 20 Ukrainians have become victims of hungry wolves

Около 20: украинцы становятся жертвами голодных волков

The murderous event took place in Bachatskom district Ternopil region. Two men suffered from the attack of a rabid wolf.

This was reported in the local newspaper “Poglyad”.

In the district hospital delivered a 67-year-old resident of the village of Biliavyntsi. The doctors diagnosed “cushnie lacerations of both hands, the left Palmar surface of his left hand, the fingers of the left and right hands, lower third right forearm.”

Около 20: украинцы становятся жертвами голодных волков

After selecting the household, the predator caught the victim by surprise. On his body the doctors have counted more than 20 bites of varying severity.

After some time in the same hospital was taken another victim – 46-year-old resident of the village of Stari Petlykivtsi. The man encountered a wolf face to face in his own yard.

After examination by the doctors the second victim identified a diagnosis of “kusana-linear lacerated wound of the right forearm.” He was more “lucky” than the first man.

The doctors administered a course of preventive vaccination against rabies for each of the victims. According to doctors, now the lives of the men threatens nothing.

To deal with the wolf instructed the local hunters. Because of the dangerous situation of a predator, it was decided to shoot.

Hunters and doctors recommend to inhabitants of settlements close to the forests, to be careful and cautious. In the winter, predators are much harder to find food, causing them to be much more dangerous.

The doctors are also reminded about the need for vaccinating against rabies.

Earlier, Suprun told how to protect themselves and their children. Rabid animals attack.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the invasion of the wolves stirred up Ukraine. Leg broken, abdomen broken.

Also “Znayu” wrote that the Ukrainians were warned about the invasion of wolves. Beware!

Also earlier edition “Znayu” reported that on Donbass there is a new threat. In frontline areas attacked by rabid animals-predators.


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