Ariana Grande : James Corden, and Jeff Goldblum parody of the clip “Thank u, next”

Ariana Grande : James Corden, and Jeff Goldblum unveil a parody of madness of the music video “Thank u, next”.

The parodies, James Corden is a fan. The famous host has decided to address the movie clip “Thank u, next” Ariana Grande with a lot of humour. A revisit of madness in which he has invited the actor Jeff Goldblum. You’ll see, the video may become as viral as the original as it is funny.

“Thank u, Jeff”

You have all had to fall on the clip “Thank u, next” Ariana Grande, in which she would evoke her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. A video that is breaking records since its release on Youtube, having been the most-viewed in 24 hours and was the fastest to reach 100 million views. In the clip, the singer has slipped in references to romantic comedies, such as Lolita in spite of myself, 30 years if anything, The contrast of a blond and American Girls.

But in his version of the parody of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the presenter has opted to be a nod to the saga Jurassic Park. James Corden has, in fact, invited the actor Jeff Goldblum (who plays the role of professor Ian Malcolm) in a parody simply called : “Thank u, Jeff”.

James Corden transforms into Ariana Grande

From the first images, the animator friend of the biggest stars of the planet begins to declare his love for Jeff Goldblum. Transformed into Ariana Grande a lot less sexy, but certainly more funny than the original, James Corden is shown in a bed, dressed in pyjamas in satin and surrounded by stuffed animals and pink. It lengthens the same on a piano, on which the hero of the movie The Fly plays with passion.

A declaration of love, during which the king of the Carpool Karaoke is going to even dancing on stage with T-Rex in order to pay tribute to the man who played in the epic by Steven Spielberg. With more than two million views, this parody will she break records like the clip “Thank u, next” ?


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