Archaeologists have unearthed the skeleton of an ancient being: whether a stranger, or Cyclops

Археологи раскопали скелет древнего существа: то ли пришелец, то ли циклоп

A rather unusual discovery made on the island of Guernsey, which refers to the English channel. On the island archaeologists have unearthed custom human bones: ancient man had one eye, and quite large. The face of the victim was flat, and the legs are quite strange.

Археологи раскопали скелет древнего существа: то ли пришелец, то ли циклоп

Mythical creature Cyclops

The body was decomposed, as shown by the analysis at different times that led the scientists in shock. Body proportions have been distorted: it has allowed scientists to assume that the tomb of the strange creatures could belong to the alien or Cyclops. Maybe the skull is just damaged, and the main hole deformed one due to the influence of external factors.Disproportion of the body were explained by experts that the victims suffered from genetic disease. The victim could be a monk, whose height was 152 cm. Moreover, subsequent analyses can allow to find out the truth, but conservative scientists suggest that the remains are unusual.

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