Apple shares fell sharply: in the list of successful companies has a new leader

Акции Apple резко упали: в списке успешных компаний появился новый лидер

Apple, whose market capitalization 4 months ago the first company in the world has exceeded $1 trillion, ceased to be the sole leader wall street: it overtakes Microsoft by market value. Suddenly, Microsoft could overtake Apple Corporation, and said that was moving towards this goal for several years.

Акции Apple резко упали: в списке успешных компаний появился новый лидер

Apple shares fell 1.77 percent, after U.S. President Donald trump said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that may impose duties on laptops and mobile phones, which are imported from China. Since there are plants Apple, it will hurt the company, and the prices will increase significantly.

After the fall of the market capitalization of Apple reached $814 billion.

Meanwhile, quotations of Microsoft fell much less – on 0,35%, to $106,10 per share, the capitalization of the company amounted to $814 billion.

It is reported that the iPhone maker has suffered more than any other: from 1 November, when Apple warned that sales in the holiday quarter may prove lower than the forecasts wall street, the company’s shares fell by 23%.

Акции Apple резко упали: в списке успешных компаний появился новый лидер

Two days ago it was reported that Microsoft beat Apple by market capitalization.

Now the companies will fight for the first place, which for several months held the Apple.

Recall that Samsung has been for many years working to improve the native shell Android for their smartphones. And this time overdone. The camera function now remembers the last settings, and to switch to photo or video mode, you press a few buttons, which complicates the whole process in principle.

Earlier Znayu reported that before the release of game consoles from Sony has a lot of time, prototype Sony PlayStation 5 into the hands of journalists. In addition to the updated appearance, the new device has received and improved the stuffing. Now, even the most demanding games can run at maximum quality settings. By the way, the device will cost only $ 500.

Znayu wrote that Google Maps now has received several improvements. It is worth noting the presence of feedback, which always help with the choice of institutions in order to brighten up a weekend afternoon. Now reviews can be found at the hashtag that you are interested in.


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