Anna Sedokova: the biography of the singer, and surprising facts from the career of

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova, singer, and actress who has gone from a simple girl to a bright star. On her way were triumphs and failure, UPS and downs, along with victories in musical contests and tragic novels. Her biography is interesting, first of all, the instability of success: as soon as she climbed on top of the hurt from her fall… and fall so far! However, the popularity Sedokova does not lose and is now holding on the ridge known as instagram diva, singer, actress, TV presenter and just a star.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova in life

Height, weight, parameters of the figure

The real name of the singer Anna Sedokova. Patronymic: Vladimirovna. Was born on 16 December 1982. So, the Ukrainian beauty zodiac – Sagittarius. Expressive fire sign, which is characterized by lightness, strength and kindness.

Anna has always boasted a gorgeous figure with almost perfect settings. And now, 35 years – she was quite a sight for the eyes. Although now with the growth of 170 centimeters, her weight still jumps from 57 kilos to 60-plus. And she walked in on stardom with these enviable model parameters 90-60-88 with a weight of 50 pounds. However, Anna did not worry about what is not so slim as in his youth. She claims to be slim, no one should, because everyone has an individual Constitution. As long as everything was harmonious. No matter what Anya was not the weight, even the mere presence of the tiny swimsuit for her body will not be able to issue any faults in it – a perfect harmony!

Of course, most of the public interested in her Breasts. Even at the beginning of career Sedokova has a rather big bust against the backdrop of “modest” parameters of the figure. If the first photo of the star as “Viagra” can be considered the maximum of the second or third breast size, now she’s a 5th. Well, actually together with the weight of the woman increases the breast. But it is possible that for such impressive results Anna resorted to plastic surgery, because five is still no joke.

But with the hair color Sedokova virtually no experimenting, mostly adhering to its natural dark brown color.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: figure


Anna was born in Kiev, but even before the birth of her life is a dramatic story. Her parents met and fell in love with each other in Tomsk, their hometown. But beloved family was so against their Union, marriage and children that the married couple even had to flee from relatives far away. Banal, because of social inequality. The family of Vladimir was against his relationship with a girl from a not very wealthy family, considering her to him Nerovny. The parents of Anna’s father, were professors that the Soviet Union was considered a very prestigious and well rewarded financially by the state. But the mother Sedakova was the “simple” people: her grandmother worked as a radiologist and my grandfather was a photographer.

So they moved to Kiev, where soon they had a son and then a beautiful daughter. Alas, this did not save marriage from misunderstandings. When she was only 5 years old, dad left the family.

Mother was difficult to cope with the children and work, so she gave them the education to the grandmother. It so happened that Anna passed from hand to hand: for some time she lived with grandma, then dad, then in the end again with mom. In the end, so Union with the father and she was broken: it nothing about him knew. Only once he tried to contact her by writing an e-mail when she was already famous – what Anna from resentment does not answer. And in 2010, the year I learned of the tragic death of his father.

Childhood Anna Sedokova not only for these reasons, it is impossible to name cloudless. The father did not help the children, not even pay child support: daughter and son were in the content of his mother, a teacher of music and English. You know what kind of salary and still get teacher, and in the 90s even more. So Svetlana Georgievna had to earn money by giving private lessons almost around the clock.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova in childhood


Rose Anna Sedokova in Kiev, not in the affluent area of the capital on Voskresenka.

Before to enroll in secondary school, started dancing, and music. So at an early age she became a soloist of folk vocal and dance ensemble “Svitanok” – from a very early age, went on stage together with famous in their niche ensemble. In addition, the “Svitanok” had international popularity. So as a child, Anya visited half the world.

In parallel, Anja studied at the music school, piano class, from which he graduated in fine. Exactly the same way as usual – with a gold medal.

With all this Sedokova due to poor financial situation of the family already 15 years worked. In her youth she was lucky that she lived in the capital, and the prominent girl with a good figure can work as a model, not a janitor, as it had the Vera Brezhneva. She also managed to get the leading events in various clubs.

After receiving the matriculation Anna took him to the Kiev national University of Culture and Arts on a speciality “the announcer of television and radio”. And here in the end received a diploma!

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova in his youth


Already as a student, worked Sedokova, TV presenter. First it was the program “O-TV Models” on the Ukrainian muzkanal “O-TV”. Then she became a radio host in the project “the Hen night” on the radio “Super-Nova”. A little later and got to the national “New channel”. There, along with the now famous TV presenter Maxim Nelipa she was rating the show “Rise”.

Then, in 1999, Anna appeared in the music video for the song “Suteki” group “Tanok On the Square of the Congo”.

But, of course, really famous Anna was when Konstantin Meladze took her Viagra. This also happened to Anna is not easy. Because for the first time she came to the casting of “Viagra” in 2000-m to year. She was chosen from hundreds of willing, but in the end the producers decided that the 17-year-old girl is still too young in order to sing in such a sexy, provocative team.

But still Ana managed to get in with the popular group after 2 years – at the beginning of 2002. Then a duet of the band decided to make a trio – and the producers in the first place, remembered the incredible beauty of Kiev, which, of course, managed to grow up. At this point, the group left Nadia Granovskaya, which, in fact, originally posted in the group for an explosive sexuality. Therefore, the creators of the group decided to go with the new group membership is already in the triple “equivalent”. After all, he believed that incredible sexy Granovsky difficult to replace a girl.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova in “the Rise”

Before his premiere in “viagra” Anna starred in the cult lyrical-dramatic clip Madonna for the song “I can’t live without you.”

In the debut of Anya’s viagrasam the video called “stop stop Stop” she sang and danced with Tatiana Nainik and Alena Vinnytsia. It was a difficult time behind-the-scenes intrigues, scandals, and disturbances in “viagra”. So, after giving birth Nadya Granovskaya was in a bad financial situation due to the fact that the man for whose sake she had left, abandoned her. Of course, she had no other choice but to go back to work. She “asked” to Meladze back, and he accepted their favorite. It was the only time the doors of “Viagra” work on input-output more than once. The other girls Constantine betrayal not forgive. To this day he claims that Nadia can return to “Viagra” as you wish, because he believes that “Viagra” – this is Granovskaya.

In the next clip, “Good morning, dad!” “Viagra” only once appeared in a Quartet. The producers of this composition did not seem effective and acceptable. Therefore, within the team, as told by the participants themselves after, began a not very honest game. But at the same time directly the producers didn’t want to fire the girls – it was not required under the contract. So, first, by creating impossible working conditions of the “Viagra” ousted Tatiana Nainik. And then Alain Vinnytsia, which was originally the front-woman in the group. Then announced was the cause of the beginning of her solo career, but in fact, as through the years, said Alain, producers behaved with her also quite unscrupulous. Instead of these girls they called Vera Brezhnev, which has long been kept in mind.

However, the goal was achieved, and “Viagra” was once again the group dreams not only for its creators but also for the millions of men in the former Soviet Union. It was really the Golden part of the singing group, which so far according to journalists and spectators, no one was able to surpass the level of sexual charisma and into the hearts of men. And then worked out the format of the structure remained forever unchangeable: blonde, dark and brown hair.

Clips “Kill my friend”, “don’t leave me, beloved!”, as well as a duet with Valery Meladze – “Ocean and three rivers” and “there is no more gravity”. That is when he was Sedokova trio reached the highest peak of its popularity: the first lines of the charts, gold records and numerous concerts with full halls. Anya was not only a performer, but a choreographer, and also directed several performances.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova: “Viagra”

During this time Sedokova became a cover girl. Glossy magazines were just lining up for her turn for the photo shoots. A “Playboy” even as an exception, for it has allowed on their pages shoot without full exposure. It is logical that the most enviable grooms of Ukraine and Russia began to fight for her heart and body, and can be, only the body.

Anna among all chose love – Valentin Belkevich, Ukrainian footballer. So, in 2004-m to year, unexpectedly learning about pregnancy, she had to leave the band.

After the birth of a daughter Sedokova is trying to sing solo. Releases some clips, but without much success. It so happened that and family life has Sedokova also went wrong, but he was not allowed to return to her favorite band.

In 2006, it is still his forces returned to the scene. For the first time after a lull with the song “My heart” to “Five stars”, the Sochi suspectible. There she wins the award “the Prize of spectator sympathies”. However, . it is not something that does not help, and even has a strong unofficial opposition on the stage. As it believes that due to her departure from the band, “Viagra” suffered great financial losses. But Sedokova is not giving up and hanging in the backroom and mediavolo, defending their right to creative independence.

Though his solo career and not much goes wrong, it is well developed on television. So it becomes a TV presenter in some of the shows she takes part as an star.

Already in the final of 2006, the year “My heart” receives the prize in the Ukrainian “Song of the year”. Then Sedokova managed to conclude a contract with the label, “REAL Records”.

2007 begins with the release of the music video “best girl” who is actively broadcasted on Ukrainian TV channels. But to gain the popularity that Anya didn’t help. Her solo career has died down, financial business collapsed and she left the child on the mother, went to Moscow to seek a better life.

In 2008-m year, will again light up and gain a foothold in the Russian show business Sedokova helps participation in the show “Ice age 2”. Her partner on “ice” dancing – the famous figure skater Andrey Hvalko. She came to the casting this project as a little known girl from the 5th part of “Viagra”, but left it as an independent creative unit with a recognizable name.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: Photocall

Now she manages to become the leading “First channel” was invited to “king of the ring”. And remember at Home: in Kiev Sedokova is a “TV Star — superstar”.

Already in the early autumn of 2008, Anna appears financially able to pursue a music career – so she shoots new video – “Used to it”.

In parallel, she begins to appear on the screens as an actress. First played in episodes of the television series entitled “Power of attraction”.

The results of 2008 year became the breakthrough for Sedokova for individual stars. It is recognized as the sexiest presenter of the Russian version of “TOP 10 SEXY”. As well as the most stylish of the leading Ukrainian version of “ELLE Style Awards”. And for “Used” receives the award of the contest “New songs about the main thing”.

In March 2009 Sedokova becomes a member of the TV show “Two stars” to Moscow “the First channel”. There she performed together with Vadim Galygin.

In summer, Anya released the song “drama” (the first name – “C’est La vie”). This song was written most Sedokova in collaboration with the Ukrainian producer Dima Klimashenko. The theme song reveals homosexual relationships: Anna dedicated it to a friend who was very upset by your breaking up with her boyfriend.

The singer does not stop there and in October of the same year, presents famous duet song “Cold heart”. Subsequently, they Djigan she brought many honours.

Further Sedokova starred in the movie “Moscow. EN”.

In 2010, she changes roles and perekvalifitsiruetsya. So presents to the public his literary work – “the Art of seduction.”

Then the 2 clips on the already known song “drama” and “Cold heart”.

Also Sedokova begins to Polish his acting talent, acting zapadnogermanskaya Studio Scott Sedita.

Autumn Anna is back on national television, taking part in Duo with Viktor Loginov (“Happy together”) in the project “star+Star”.

Later Sedokova launches a tour of all post-Soviet countries, giving him a start in the capital of the Russian club “Pacha”.

By this time, her creative activities leads to the establishment of relations with Konstantin Meladze, because the producer respects the independence of the breakdown in creativity. At the end of 2010, the year Sedokova takes part in the Grand concert dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Viagra. The producers tried to gather all the prominent former singers of the band. In addition to the songs of “Viagra”, which was recorded when he was Sedokova, Meladze asked to perform Anna and several of her own songs. Reporters noted that the audience took Sedokova appearance on stage with incredible warmth. Some tabloids wrote that incredible explosion of applause from her appearance in the hall gave the impression that all are gathered in order to see Sedokova.

At the end of the year Sedokova presents video “Jealousy” which celebrates same-sex love, but in a female version. The public this video seemed too blatant, and aired it came out in centuriona the Lite version. In the same year, Anya manages to make a new version of the song “get Used” with the rappers from the group “carats”.

Parallel to all this year Sedokova working on the main role in the romantic Comedy “Pregnant.” Her colleague on the film was the famous actor Dmitry Dyuzhev.

2011-the year for Sedokova was marked primarily by the work on the Ukrainian television: she continues to work in the “star+Star”, as well as leading a new program on ICTV called “Women’s logic”.

In June, the girl is the song “Love U”. Avoiding rotation on radio and TV, publish it free and available on its official website.

In September of this year in theaters showing “Pregnant”, to which Anna also presents the author’s soundtrack and the clip is “Space”. Also in the fall on the Russian screens leaves a version of the international reality television program “Project Runway”.

In 2012 Sedokova releases three music videos: “Taxi”, “What have I done?”, “Unsafe.”

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: mirror self

In 2013, the fate of scores of Sedokova on Kazakh TV. Here she leads the reality “Seventh race”, in which the psychics of the country fight for the title of best.

In 2014, Anya as a solo singer is waiting for this recognition for the clip “Between us high” she gets a statue “RU TV”. As well as becoming one of the mentors of the grandiose project “Want to Meladze”. It should be noted that her group reached the final and took second place.

2015 saw the release of the song and music video “Hush” from the amazing Duo Monatic and Sedokova.

In 2016 comes the first solo album Sedokova called “Personal.” Almost all the songs she wrote herself, using quotations from their diaries. The album, the singer has dedicated to his father and other men that dumped her. Plate in the blink of an eye has become a leader in “ITunes”. And the clip “Bye honey” brings Sedakova prize “RU TV”. But that’s not all the awards this movie: he also was awarded “Best Fashion-video” contest “Fashion People Awards”.

2017 – Sedokova releases a live album titled “Present”, which included both old a new tracks of the singer in live performance.

In November of this year, the singer released the original album “free”. Anya is the author of all lyrics and music written in collaboration with famous composers. One of the clips to the songs on this album, “Passion” has had a stunning success. It has been noted even by such authoritative international publications as the “Daily Mail” and “The Sun”.

What are the latest trends for the singer to delight us this year? In the spring of 2018 Sedokova releases the single “don’t talk about it”, which instantly tops the charts. Later she receives the award for “Fashion People Awards” for the video for one of his songs – “Not your fault”. And this fall, she released a very provocative video for the song “Shantaram”, the honesty of which also tried to succumb to censorship.

Despite all these awards, until now, few believed Anna Sedokova a full-fledged singer and songwriter: more plead that in her success are to blame beautiful erotic picture. Whatever it was, Anna Sedokova really “did herself”. She never had producers, and all the rich husbands didn’t help, and left in the street with children. Anya survived the attack Meladze, financial difficulties, survived and oblivion, and the UPS and downs. Now no one doubts that Sedokova – not just a momentary sex symbol of the producer of the project “Viagra”, and an independent vocalist and star.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova with gifts

Personal life: children, husbands, lovers

For the first time Annie was married to a captain of the Kiev football team “Dynamo” Valentin Belkevich. It happened in the early summer of 2004. In this marriage, in December, Sedokova gave birth to her first daughter, Alina. But after the birth of the baby paparazzi “talking” about her quarrels with her husband. The marriage lasted very little and in 2006-m to year Belkevich and Sedokova officially divorced.

Later Anya in a Frank interview told me that the reason for that was the betrayal of a spouse. She also admitted that first married, being quite inexperienced girl and can’t wait to give my husband. In addition, she later told me that they went with Valentine. The footballer announced his wife with a kid literally on the street without providing any means of livelihood and Ana had to take any corporate event to somehow support his little family. However, when the dust settled, and Belkevich still remembered that he had a daughter and wished to communicate with her, Sedokova did not interfere with that. She encouraged communication with the daughter of the father, mindful of his difficult relationship with his own dad. But in 2014-m year, Valentine died because of health problems, which was a big tragedy for Alina, though she and father never lived.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: the first wedding

The second time Sedokova got married in February 2011, the first year for the big businessman (Manager “Формулы1”) of Ukrainian origin Maxim Cherniavsky. At that time a young man living and working in California. So that their daughter Monica in about half a year are born in America. Anya some time, torn between Los Angeles (where her family lived), Moscow and Kiev (which is her job). But family life at the second attempt from Sedokova went wrong. Again, after 2 years, the couple officially divorced. Besides Cherniavsky prevented the free movement of the daughter with the mother in the world Sedokova were significant problems with the export of Monica from America. And now the official custody of her, I got the ex-spouse.

Even after this, Anna decided to start with a clean slate and not to advertise their relationship, it became known that since 2014, she met with Sergei Romanovym, a well known choreographer. About 3 years they were together, but their romance was unstable. Periodically in the press leaked the news about their quarrels and reconciliations, one day they even broke up for six months. But in 2016 Sedokova has put the final point and no longer has any relationship with the dancer.

Since then, media has become very difficult to obtain information about the personal life of Anna. And only in February last year from Instagram of the singer, we learned that she was pregnant. And already the 8th of April, we saw her selfie with her son: she gave birth to her third child – a boy, named Hector. At the same time and it became known that his father, Artem Komarov, a businessman, who at that time was the groom Sedokova. True, and with him six months later after the birth of baby Anna stopped loving relationship.

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova birth

Interesting facts/rumors

Basically, all the rumors about Ani Sedokova based on the topic of her personal life. Now the hottest of them concerns her affair with a young star of Russian sports. Recently Anya herself admitted that in love, and brags in the social networks armfuls of red roses. So friends of the athlete love to talk in the press that 24-year-old hockey player Andrei Mironov is Dating 35-year-old singer. And even she threw the bride – model of Alexander Kharitonov. While neither Anna nor Andrew rumors are not confirmed, but the fact of his acquaintance do not deny.

Anya often offend other celebrities, as if looking for PR on her behalf… Or is it the usual fate of all beautiful women? For example, as a restaurateur and showman Nikolay Tishchenko allowed himself in an interview to say that the price Sedokova – a maximum of 1000 dollars, like any other sh***. Also Sedokova was involved in a dirty rumour put about by Katya Gordon. According to the blonde, her ex-husband Sergei Zhorin has had sexual relations with Sedokova at the time, as Katherine was expecting a child.


Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: youth

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: second wedding

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova with her daughters

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anna Sedokova no makeup

Анна Седокова: биография певицы и неожиданные факты из карьеры

Anya Sedokova: selfie



Recently Anya amazed everyone very hot pictures.

How to get into the team Sedokova, read our recent article.


Anna often likes to please their fans in Instagram. Here she places photos, including racy swimsuit, bikini, underwear, and even without makeup:

She also has an official page on Facebook:

About the most important news from the star get the Tweeter Sedokova:

All the videos look Sedokova official YouTube channel:

And of course, everything and a lot of archival materials on the official website of Ani:


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