Android YouTube helped to set a new world record

Android помог YouTube установить  очередной мировой рекорд

The YouTube app for Android has set a new record 5 billion downloads. This has never been repeated and it is unlikely that another application will be able to do it again. And although the service is able to work in any mobile browser on any operating system, users actively download the official YouTube app, which allows you to access many functions.

Android помог YouTube установить  очередной мировой рекорд

How many times have downloaded the software, is unknown but the Google Play app store is expected 5 000 000 000 +.

Last year this line has overcome the application itself Google Play. Of course, YouTube has reached this level not only due to its popularity, but also through the policy of Google in relation to Android, because the app is installed on most smartphones. Therefore, the Corporation good and reached such indicators, because the number of smartphones sold exceeded several billion.

Android помог YouTube установить  очередной мировой рекорд

Anyway, the event is very significant. For example, the Gmail app has only the icon 1 000 000 000+although it is almost the most popular application of Google.

Recall that although 2018 was unsuccessful for Microsoft, numerous bugs and errors in Windows has destroyed the reputation of the Corporation. However, this is only the calm before the storm. The company is ready to provide flexible tablet that can bend and turn into a full-fledged smartphone. However, the output of the device is scheduled for spring 2019. Although no further information about the device no, we can only expect the appearance of numerous leaks in the network.

Earlier Znayu reported that Mozilla decided to update the Firefox browser. However, it’s not about the desktop version. The company has created a browser for the virtual reality helmets that allow the 3D effect to feel the pages. By the way, even this version of the browser is protected.

Znayu wrote that security experts have discovered a new miner, Monero that penetrates inside of the PC users, and unbeknownst to the owner of the device to mine cryptocurrency. The system learned to bypass the antivirus and stay invisible to other security technologies.


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