Android updates from Samsung destroys the camera of the smartphone

Обновления Android от Samsung уничтожает камеры смартфонов

Samsung not only makes a change to a new shell One UI, and decided to make it radically different from the old Experience. This approach, however, will appreciate not all users of products from the Korean giant. This month it introduced two major innovations is the ability to prevent changes to the desktop and move pictures and videos to cart.

Yes, the new functionality is essentially there, but users are now more accurately can personalize your device by itself. Now you know about another new feature that some users did not like it. Since the recorded video will have to do more movements than usual. This is important especially for those who like to capture spontaneous photos.

Обновления Android от Samsung уничтожает камеры смартфонов

In the latest beta version of the UI shell One missing icon video recording, which we used to see near the shutter button. Now there is a switch to the front camera, which is not very good for owners of smartphones.

Обновления Android от Samsung уничтожает камеры смартфонов

And to start to shoot video, you have to go into the appropriate mode. However, the Android camera has a 9 Pie remembers the mode that was previously used. So to return the mode, you press some more buttons. Let’s see how? to appreciate other users Samsung/

Recall that it is not a secret that Samsung plans to release a smartphone without a cut-out on the screen, but with a small hole under the camera. According to analysts, the presentation of the device should occur in February 2019. However, Huawei decided to overtake its rival, and in December 2018 will introduce a smartphone with exactly the same feature.

Earlier Znayu reported that Apple always unpleasantly surprised by the world worth their new devices. However, with the release of new, older models are significantly cheaper, and this case was no exception. iPhone 8 at the moment fell for Ukrainians to 40% of the initial price, and it can easily be purchased for 16-18 thousand.

Znayu wrote that black stripe Windows 10 continues. Immediately after Microsoft fixed the existing bugs, the users of the OSes I noticed another fault. Windows Media can’t use search.


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