And the good news: the hackers nightmare “Sberbank” Putin

И к хорошим новостям: хакеры кошмарят "Сбербанк" Путина

Sberbank has undergone six most powerful DDoS-attacks for the past two days. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Board Stanislav Kuznetsov. Apparently, the security system of the Bank deteriorated.

И к хорошим новостям: хакеры кошмарят "Сбербанк" Путина

According to Kuznetsov, the duration of the attacks ranged from 27 minutes to a half hour. Criminals carried them through the satellite, using technology of hiding addresses. This technology is reminiscent of the VPN, however, works in a slightly different principle to the location of the hackers remained hidden.

A series of DDoS attacks were carried out with hundreds of servers from six countries. Kuznetsov said that the incident caused the Board of Bank “some concern”. However, the Bank’s representatives reported that the work is not affected.

И к хорошим новостям: хакеры кошмарят "Сбербанк" Путина

“The protection and technologies of Sberbank allows to successfully repel such attacks”, — concluded the Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The reason hackers are still unknown. Apparently, a team of skilled hackers, which simultaneously began to penetrate the defense of the site, forcing the site to send the data on every request. In fact, it is just a DDoS attack, which is able to stop the operation of the site for a while.

Recall that gamers smashed to smithereens, a PlayStation Classic, which Sony successfully re-released a few decades. However, all is not so well as I thought gamers: the picture quality is poor, the games themselves tend to freeze, and refresh rate in seconds kills all the excitement.

Earlier Znayu reported that LG made a patent for its innovative, bendable smartphone. Judging by the photos, found by users of the network, when folding the device the screen is not placed inside the fold and outside. Thus, the device positions itself as a smartphone and a full tablet. By the way, the cost will be about $ 2,500, which is a bit disappoint fans of the company.

Znayu wrote that ASUS still deliver a gaming smartphone Phone ROG in Ukraine. Now everyone can purchase this device. However, it will cost 26 thousand hryvnias. On the other hand, it is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.


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