And: how easy it is to speed up metabolism

Раз — и готово: как просто ускорить обмен веществ

Only one practice reinforces the performance of the neurons, which accelerate metabolism and glucose metabolism in the body.

A new study southwestern medical center the University of Texas, conducted on mice, showed that the metabolism remains accelerated for two days even after short training, reports Medical Xpress.

Раз — и готово: как просто ускорить обмен веществ

The study offers a new understanding of the potential role of brain fitness and can be used in the development of therapy which improves metabolism.

“We believe that the effect of short-term training and exercise in semi-intensive mode, delayed for a few days and may affect glucose levels,” said Dr. Kevin Williams (Kevin Williams).

In the experiment, doctors measured the impact of short-term and long-term training on two types of neurons within the brain melanocortin circuit, which appears both in humans and in mice.

One of the types of neurons (POMC) is associated with a decrease in appetite and level of glucose in the blood and increased energy expenditure; the other type (NPY/AgRP) increases appetite and reduces metabolism. The study showed that a single exercise increases the activity of POMC neurons and inhibits neuronal NPY/AgRP for up to two days. The more training, the longer the effect lasts.

Раз — и готово: как просто ускорить обмен веществ

The obtained results allow to improve glucose metabolism in patients with diabetes.

The scientists also found that one-time training session (consisting of three 20-minute races at the wheel) led to the decrease in appetite that lasted up to six hours.

Long-term effect of exercise was detected in POMC neurons, which improve glucose metabolism.

Laboratory of Dr. Williams prepares a second study to determine the mechanisms by which exercise induces changes in melanocortin neurons.

Раз — и готово: как просто ускорить обмен веществ

We will remind, earlier experts in the field of health stated that the regular practice of c dumbbells and weights improve health in older age.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” physical activity improves cognitive function of the human brain.

Also “Znayu” wrote the researchers from Leipzig University in Germany identified the types of physical exercises that slow down the processes of biological aging.


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