An Italian mep crushes with her shoe notes Moscovici after the rejection of the budget

Un eurodéputé italien écrase avec sa chaussure les notes de Moscovici après le rejet du budget

The european commissioner Pierre Moscovici

An mep of the League (far right), one of the two parties of the coalition in power in Italy, has crushed with his shoe that he had taken the notes made by the european commissioner Pierre Moscovici after his press conference in Strasbourg on the rejection of the budget Italian.

Angelo Ciocca joined the press gallery at the end of the communication from Mr Moscovici and took notes of the latter on the table. He then removed a shoe, he applied on the leaves removed, under the eye of unbelief of the commissioner. “In Strasbourg, I walked (with a outsole made in Italy!!!) on the mountain of lies that Moscovici has written against our country!!! Italy deserves respect”, then twitted Mr. Ciocca.

“I thought he was an agent of the Parliament, which was recovering my notes. No, it was a member of parliament ! Those that crush texts and decisions to blow the shoe does not respect neither the rules nor the institutions, nor democracy. They do not even respect their service,” responded Mr. Moscovici on the same social network.

The Commission dismissed on Tuesday the budget Italian, largely outside of the nails european, a decision unprecedented, and urged the government of the populist coalition to submit a revised budget within three weeks.


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