America at the polls, two years after the victory of Trump : like a referendum

L'Amérique aux urnes, deux ans après la victoire de Trump : comme un référendum

Mr. Trump has particularly anything to worry about the women’s vote.

Americans vote Tuesday to nominate their representatives to the Congress during elections that take like a referendum on Donald Trump two years after his victory in the presidential election, in a country deeply divided.

The first polling stations have opened on the east coast at 6 a.m. (11 a.m. GMT) and an hour later those half of the States received electors. The american television showed long queues in front of some offices. In play: the 435 seats of the House of representatives, one-third of the Senate, as well as the positions of governors in thirty States, from Florida to Alaska.

“The democrats are insane. I’ve heard that the democrats wanted to give voting rights to illegal immigrants,” says the AFP Jerry, retired republican 64 years of age and first in the queue in front of a polling place in Chicago. This is the first time he’s going to vote in a mid-term election. Behind him, Yorgo Koutsogiogasi and his wife: “arrived from Greece in 1977, it is a regular “mid-terms”. “This is an election with important consequences,” explains the democrat for 64 years.

“Discord (…) is really in the process of tearing apart the country. I vote for the candidates who have, according to me, the ability to unite people rather than divide them”. Two years after the evening of November 8, 2016, which were powered, to the general surprise, the billionaire of New York to the White House, the democrats hope to take a revenge policy, at least partial, before the deadline of 2020. If the name of Donald Trump does not appear on any ballot, it will be in the minds of all, in its enthusiastic supporters as the home of its fierce detractors. The president in his seventies, has been campaigning until the last moment, chaining the rallies “Make America Great Again”.

“The security and prosperity are at stake in this election!”, he launched late Monday evening at his final meeting, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where he was accompanied by his daughter Ivanka. “There is something going on, and it reminds me of the atmosphere of two years ago”, he started, wearing his famous red tie.

Polls favorable to democrats

The democrats are the favorites in the polls to win the majority in the House of representatives, while the republicans should retain control of the Senate.

But the uncertainty is real. And the surveys are too tight in a score of districts to be able to say with certainty who will be the winner, warn pollsters, tormented by the “surprise” Trump in 2016. A sign of the great interest generated by these elections, more than 30 million ballots had already been filed Monday in the States allowing early voting, or by proxy, according to the american media. This figure is significantly higher than the approximately 22 million registered before the day of the vote, in an appointment that is comparable in 2014.

The mid-term elections are traditionally sensitive for the president in place. Two years after the arrival of Barack Obama to the White House, the democrats had suffered a crushing defeat, paying in particular the bitter debates around the reform of the health system.

But the loss of the House, in spite of the excellent figures of the u.s. economy, would be a setback staff for Donald Trump, until he made of this electoral appointment a test of his popularity.

“Invasion” of migrants

The real estate magnate, who had started his presidential campaign in dealing with the mexican immigrants of the “rapists”, has once again opted this year for a message anxiety on immigration.

“It’s an invasion”, pounds-t-it for the past several weeks about migrants from central America who are currently experiencing, as a group, the Mexico to the u.s. border. The democrats have campaigned on the defense of the health care system.

But they bet also on the rejection of Donald Trump, they are many to qualify openly called a liar and a catalyst of violence and racist and anti-semitic current. According to the latest survey conducted by SSRS for CNN, Mr. Trump has particularly anything to worry about from the vote of the women : 62% of them support the democrats.

Seeming to anticipate a possible defeat in the House, he says for the past few days that it has focused mainly on the Senate. The electoral map senate plays, this year, in favor of the republicans: the renewal by third-party for this year States, mostly conservative.

Out of the 35 seats in play, the senators outgoing the most in trouble are the democrats elected in the state of North Dakota, Indiana, Montana and Missouri. The United States could therefore end on 3 January 2019, with a 116th Congress divided.

This could cripple the program of the 45th president of the United States, until the next elections in 2020. On the eve of the elections, the intelligence agencies have warned the Americans against the foreign players, “Russia in particular,” who continue to try to influence public opinion.

And Facebook announced that it had blocked about 30 accounts, 85 accounts on the network photo sharing Instagram, which it holds, which could be related to foreign entities and serve to interference in the u.s. elections.


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