Amanda Bynes : depression, drugs… The actress returned for the 1st time on his descent to the underworld

Amanda Bynes : dépression, drogues... L'actrice revient pour la 1ère fois sur sa descente aux enfers

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Amanda Bynes : depression, drugs… The actress returned for the 1st time on his descent to the underworld.

You have been able to see it in the movies dream girls, She’s the man or Easy Girl. Amanda Bynes was part of the actresses stars in the early 2000s. But because of a big depression and his addictions to drugs, she stopped her career. Now healed, she confided for the first time on its dark period which lasted for years.

“I fell into a deep depression”

Amanda Bynes made A number of Paper in the month of December 2018. The american actress, now 32-year-old was known in 2002 with her role of Holly in the series What I like about you. then she had chained movies, Nasty liar (with Frankie Muniz, the hero of Malcolm) dream girls (with Colin Firth), passing by The love to drift, Miss Campus , but also Hairspray (with John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer).

But quickly, the star falls into depression and starts taking drugs. His last film ? Easy Girl came out in 2010, in which Emma Stone takes the lead role. Since this feature film, Amanda Bynes no longer has anything turned, forced to stop his career. In the cover of the prestigious magazine, the former princess of the big screen is back on this terrible period of several years which is now behind it.

Amanda Bynes has admitted to having smoked “the marijuana” in the age of “16 years”. Then, “when the movie She’s the Man (2006) was released I saw it, I fell into a deep depression because I didn’t like to see me as a boy (the heroine is grime in his twin brother, editor’s note)” she said, “I’ve never told anyone”. Very uncomfortable with his body, see himself disguised as a man the complex even more. The actor then seeks to obtain Adderall, a drug that would help to slim down.

“I was in the mode : ‘Good, I have to put the hand on this thing” she explained, remembering “having taken a handful” in 2011 “and had the head completely deranged. I was unable to concentrate on my text, or save anything”. After that, it is the descent to hell : “later, I took ecstasy. I tried cocaine three times but I have never been fucked. I never liked it. It has never been my cam. But I really abused the Adderall”.

“I had no more purpose in life”

Totally drugged and depressed, Amanda Bynes is forced out of Hollywood and no longer does anything. “I had no more purpose in life. I worked since I was tiny, and I did nothing” she recounted, “I spent the day at home to take drugs, watch tv and tweet”. The celebrity fallen surrounds himself with then people “seedy”. “I used a lot of drugs and my world started to become really very dark,” she added.

After his escapades, a forced hospitalization and legal guardianship (until 2020), Amanda Bynes decides to get his life in hand. Now sober for four years, she took classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California for almost a year. Its purpose ? Get a degree in product development to draw its own collection of clothing but also return to the cinema.

“My days of addiction are far behind me,” she assured, now healed, “It does not make me sad and I don’t lack because I feel very shameful the way the drugs made me act”.


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