Almost a devoted mother Sedokova touching congratulated daughter happy birthday

Почти примерная мать Седокова трогательно поздравила дочь с Днем рождения

Anna Sedokova

The soloist of the “Golden” group “VIA Gra”, the famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who lives and works in Moscow, often pleases fans with news of her life in Instagram. The singer never misses an opportunity to boast in the network with their juicy forms, and every time publishes images posing in skimpy outfits.

But this time Sedokova has been humble and poignancy of your post. The actress posted two pictures with her daughter Alina and congratulated her with birthday. So in the first photo with her daughter, Anna posing somewhere in the stadium. And if Sedokova modestly dressed in closed sports clothes, then her daughter in a bright sweatshirt and a face in the picture.

In the second photo Anna posing too, in modest clothing with scarf on her head. Next to it someone is holding a little baby Alina in a bright pink suit. In the caption to these photos Anna Sedokova wrote a long post with a greetings to a daughter that turned 14 years old.

“Daughter, Happy Birthday. 14 years ago you came like a whirlwind and completely changed my life and the course of history. You’re so small even for me, and as you’ve had in life that could fill a book. Here’s 14, and it also means that in a few years you have 16. It’s already quite close. Your family loves you very much and always there! I always and everywhere will support you (well, if it’s not Smoking, drinking, hanging out, goofing off, do not read, do nothing, do not walk with dogs, not to engage with brother and sister, not to lay). In General, I understand that I have to you a rather long list of heroic and you cope with it staying the best daughter, which only could dream of. Happy Birthday, My Darling Girl. Sorry for baby picture,” wrote Sedokova.

We will remind, Anna Sedokova on the beach in Dubai undressed to read.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that depraved Sedokova saddled with something solid.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that gathered Sedokova sexy girlfriends and made a “Threesome”.


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