Alina Grosu is no more: the world says goodbye to the Ukrainian “bee”

Алины Гросу больше нет: мир прощается с украинской "пчелкой"

Alina Grosu

It looks like the controversial singer, who is actively building his career in Russia has finally realized that moving somewhere. “Bee” decided to change something, but it turned out “as always”.

Radical changes Alina Grosu decided to start with refusal on their behalf. Recently, the singer made a loud statement, noting that Alina Grosu is no more, because it has now taken a new alias.

“Alina Grosu is no more! She stayed in the movie. In music now only GROSU,” – said the singer.

However, looks like from the article “star” in Instagram, change is unlikely.

Your post Grosu was accompanied by a video, which appeared in “unexpected” way – sexy nuns.

“Today GROSU is a gentle, but bold in the way nuns in the same, that so much excites the subconscious mind and not only the male part of the population of planet Earth,” said the singer.

With such changes it is hoped that the next step is to replace words in the song sandalinas Grosu “I Want bass” on “the meek, but bold in the way the nuns”: “I Want booty”.


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