Alexander Ponomarev – a biography and complete career of the pop star of the 90s

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Alexander Ponomarev

Alexander Ponomarev – the last romantic of the Ukrainian show-business, “Golden voice” of the domestic variety, composer and songwriter, people’s artist of Ukraine, his efforts and talent chiseled reached the rank of meters pop culture and confidently occupied its niche in the triumph of fame. The contractor is not disposable and rightly so became the owner of awards “the Idol of the nation” and “Best singer of the year”, and boasts the status of darling female half of admirers, whom he slew, not only a sensual compositions, it is also a magnificent appearance, what passed for a sex symbol of his stardom in the 1990s.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

People’s artist of Ukraine


Future musician Alexander V. Ponomarev was born in the industrial town, regional center in Western Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, August 9, 1973. Sasha’s father, Valery Ponomarev, the toolmaker, a native of Khmelnitsky and his mother, Lubov Anatolievna Ponomareva, is a Builder by education, a native of Donetsk. That is why today he loves and the East and West of our state. In childhood, little Sasha was sick with anemia, grew up weak and sickly. But six years his health was on the mend, he began to actively engage in sports, two years he was engaged in wrestling, and then the choice of the section for employment fell to professional Boxing. Another interest of the youngster was cynology, the boy even had a dog named Legar, he was named in honor of the Hungarian composer. Already in the early stages of growing up, Alexander showed his musical talents, but allow the child to do the work and send him to a music school his parents could not due to bad financial situation in the family.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Little Alexander Ponomarev

Perhaps now there was a speech about the famous boxer Alexander Ponomarev, as well dreamed of the boy, but his dreams have not materialized due to the accident. With a Boxing career, Sasha had to say good-bye because of the injury, which he received in a training session during a regular sparring after a missed kick in the head the boy started vision problems and, at the insistence of the attending physician, section of it left. Fate has decided fate Ponomareva and sent it into the mainstream musical career. The first piano my parents bought the boy when he was 12 years old, and before that, he taught the basics of playing the guitar. Thus, he created his first song “St. Anna”, her teen romance written in honor of the girls classmate, with whom he was head over heels in love for the first time and sang it under the Windows of his passion to the guitar.


In his native Khmelnytsky there were only three schools – medical, pedagogical and musical. Dislike medicine were able to instill a mother who clutched at the Soviet medical encyclopedia as soon as someone was sick. The teacher of Alexander could not be certain, his behavior, giddiness, emotion and restlessness are the main criteria that will adorn a single teacher. Left music – that’s where he went.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Ponomariov at the age of 14 years

The first victory, which adopted the the future musical path Ponomarev, was the arrival in 1988 in Khmelnytsky music school after eight grades of secondary school. The young man who had behind shoulders not one year of visiting the music school, unlike their classmates who have completed at least seven classes, was overwhelmed with desire and talent, they promise to teachers to learn and to master all the necessary materials, helped to enroll Alexander in the coveted institution. Every day Ponomariov was up at six in the morning went to classes and was returning home about midnight, on the last trolley. On your entrance exam, Alexander successfully performed a Ukrainian folk song “Nich Taka msacn” and joined the ranks of future conductors-choirmasters.

In parallel with training, talented guy worked with the fourteen years he played at weddings and anniversaries, and fifteen were in the restaurant in the center of Khmelnitsky, where he helped to get mom. In the seventeen years Alexander was able to earn and buy your first car – “the Zhiguli” the sixth model, but to drive it could only after eighteen when he acquired the rights. About the time Ponomarev recalls: “When I drove u to school, classmates gasped, and the teachers were watching strictly.” In 1992, Alexander Ponomarev successfully graduated from music school and became a student of the Lviv Conservatory, choosing the vocal Department.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Archival photographs of the future “Golden voice” of Ukraine

The success of the young singer and songwriter, was held in 1993, it brought Alexander’s speech on the big stage at the all-Ukrainian contest of young performers “Chervona Ruta”, which was held in the mining capital of Donetsk. Ponomareva took additional participant from Khmelnytskyi region, but initially he did not pass the qualifying round. After listening to the composer, who was in the jury, Andrew Shust, said he would write to Alexander song. The debut brought him the first place in the category “Best pop artist of Ukraine” for the song “Crooke of love”, composer Susta. For winning the competition, Alexander Ponomarev received the award – dwunasty tape. After the success at the competition, was created a springboard to start a pop career, but needed their own repertoire, so as to buy songs Ponomarev at the time could not afford it, he began to write music and to compose text independently. The first experimental composition of Alexander was “Palustri struinogo romance”, to the poems of Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Archival photo Ponomarev 1993

In 1994, the young singer took part in the international competition “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk with the author’s song “Tranqu to NOC”, but due to the closure of the ligaments obtained in rehearsal, failed to impress the judges the full range of his vocal and deserved only the second place. The following year, the contractor acts at the International contest Ukrainian pop songs named after Vladimir ivasyuka in Chernivtsi, wins it and gets the Grand Prix. For the victory, Alexander was awarded five thousand dollars immediately spent on sound equipment. At this time, the artist is already living in the capital and was transferred to the Kiev national music Academy.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

The frame of the first clip “Slonika”

At the next festival “Tavria games” in 1996 Ponomarev slays the audience with his strong voice and leaves the winner with a gold figurine of the Firebird received for the victory in the nomination “Singer of the year” and the prestigious competition of young executors “Sea of friends” held in Yalta, Alexander became the winner of the Grand Prix. By this time the “Ukrainian Nightingale” is already bathed in the rays of glory, and records a debut album called “from morning till night”, which included new hits, had already managed to catch the fancy of Ukrainian students: “Crooke of love”, “fire”, “Z ranku nochi”. Left thousands of copies of the album, the songs sound on the radio and television charts, from that moment, we count down the career of Alexander Ponomarev. Was shot the first video artist to the song “Sroka”.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Cover of the debut album “Zranku to not”

In the framework of the national program “person of the year” Alexander Ponomarev called “pop Star of the year 1997”, and he repeatedly gets the title of “singer of the year” at the festival “Tavria Games” and the prize “Prometheus-prestige”. Released second album, Ponomarev, published by “Nova Records”, under the title “Persha I ostannya Lyubov” with new songs “Serdenko”, “White Cadillac”, “Znovu I znovu”.

21 Dec 1997 Alexander collects a full house at the Palace “Ukraine”. Solo program “Persha I ostannya Lyubov”. Ponomarev in 1997, visited 33 cities of Ukraine, in total, gave 134 concerts. 1998 also marked another extremely important for career of the singer event – President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma signed a decree on awarding the young singer the title of honored artist of Ukraine, at that time he was the youngest artist to have received this title.

In February – March 1998, a talented poet and musician, gave 37 concerts in 25 cities in the first nationwide live tour. On 26 may 1998, the artist founded the production center and recording Studio “Z ranku nochi” which specializiruetsya on the arrangement and scoring. 16 December 1998 on the awarding ceremony of all-Ukrainian music awards festival “Tavria Games” Ponomarev third time in a row gets the victory in the nomination “Singer of the year”.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Ponomariov has his own recording Studio “Z ranku nochi”

In 1999, songwriter and performer participated in the election campaign of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma. In may of the same year, one of the best clipmakers Ukraine, Maxim Papernik sings new songs of the singer: unusual phantasmagoric video for the Ukrainian song “Ninki bustami” in may and the fourth roller “Ti Moya” in November. In December 1999, the artist Alexander Ponomarev received another award of the festival “Tavria Games” and becomes “the Best singer of Ukraine”.

In the next two years, Alexander released two albums: “VIN” in 2000, and in 2001 “Won”. The latest to come out with a circulation of 125 000 copies. Discography “Won” included the English song “Guantanamera” and the first original song the singer wrote in his youth, “St. Anna”. Published a video for the song “Comes so grko crying won”. The second album includes new song lyric “He Cheka on me”, the words and music to it was written by the composer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, 4 Feb 2001 hit video was shot. 16 July 2000 were issued one clip of Alexander on a collaborative song with Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev called “Ti.” All summer two thousand, Alexander Ponomarev dedicated nationwide tour, during the tour, the artist has visited 27 cities. The new program stars visited more than 35 thousand spectators. In 2001 Alexander once again receives the title of “singer of the year” at the festival “Tavria Games”.

In 2001, Alexander first tried his hand as an actor in the Russian-Ukrainian Comedy-musical adaptation based on the works of Nikolai Gogol, “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka”, he played one of the friends of the main character Vakula. In July 2001, the talented performer once again won the nomination of the award “Golden Firebird”, and became the first artist, who has for five consecutive years the title of “Best singer of Ukraine”. At the end of the year released the singles “the day passes”, “Creel”, “fire”, each of them accompanied by a video clip, and in 2002 – “Choven”, the shooting for him was held in Venice. In 2002, composer and performer is again the holder of the title “Singer of the year”.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

With Natalia Mogilev sang a duet and shot a video

May 24, 2003 in the Baltic capital Riga hosted the international song contest “Eurovision”, which in the person of Alexander Ponomaryov, took part in the Ukraine. At the competition, the artist performed the song “Hasta La Vista, Baby”, the music to it was written by Israeli composer Zvi Peak, a well-known author of the victorious song “Eurovisions” in 1998 for The international, and the words of his wife, Mirit Shem-Ur. For the performance of the Ukrainian artist had been invited to the best balancer on the planet, Ukrainian Anatoliy Zalevskiy and the three Actresses in his theater “Rizoma”. The performance of Ukraine at a cost of 15 thousand dollars, but despite the annual training and circus show staged, Ponomarev ranked only 14th place in the list. Premiere of a new song and video took place on 27 March 2003.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

At the song contest “Eurovision”

In 2003, the songwriter and music, Alexander Ponomarev, found a new outlet – starred in four episodes of the detective melodrama “the private life of official people” of Ukrainian filmmaker Vilena Novak. In it the actor played the role of singer Vlad Khmelnitsky. At the end of a fruitful year the artist received the award “Idol of the nation-2003”. The scene Ponomarev combines with another project – he works as a TV presenter of the hit parade “Golden Firebird” on the channel “M1”. In the Old castle of Kamianets-Podilskyi Alexander Ponomarev speaks with a Grand concert accompanied by a Symphony orchestra, which is so long wanted to implement, and performs the masterpieces of world classics.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Stills from the film “private life of official people” of Ukrainian filmmaker Vilena Novak

In 2004, Ponomarev distinguished participation and support in the “Orange revolution” on the capital’s Independence square. On 5 July 2004 he took part in the relay race on transfer of Olympic fire in Kiev, and at the end of a ceremony on the capital’s Independence square plays the Anthem of the Olympic flame, which was written by him. In the same year, the artist publishes a compilation of the best songs in his entire career, the collection appeared under the laconic and speaking for himself the title “Better”. Compilation of new and old hits: “Only time ZWE love”, “Sroka”, “Comes so grko crying won”, “GRM”.

In 2005, Alexander has recorded a duet with the talented Ukrainian artist Ani Lorak – “100 Kisses”, the author of the text was made by DJ Pasha (Pavlo Shilko). A video for English song is stylized as 60 years, shot him in the pavilion of the Kiev film Studio. Dovzhenko. Directors were Alexander and Igor stekolenko, working with such famous bands as “Ocean Elzy” and “Druha Rika”, they also created the video for the next song. In 2005, the composer creates his masterpiece lyrical song “Varto Chi Ni?”, as part of the album “I love only you”, released in 2006. It included 12 tracks, 4 of which were remixes of old hits. One of the top sound of the newly minted album, “Heart”, it brought the author a prize from the hit parade “Golden Firebird”. At the initiative of Ponomareva is a “Charity ball Alexander Ponomarev” accompanied by the National Merited academic Symphony orchestra of Ukraine, all funds raised from it went to buying equipment for newborns.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Ani Lorak clip in the style of the 60’s

July 11, 2006, Alexander Ponomarev, accompanied by symphonic orchestra of National radio company of Ukraine, took part in the 15th International art festival “Slavic Bazaar” held in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. And on August 18, 2006, Oleksandr Ponomaryov was awarded the honor by decree No. 694/2006 of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to take the title of people’s artist of Ukraine. In the same year Alexander for the first time tries himself as a composer for writing music to the Ukrainian feature film “need for extreme”, recorded in the Studio of TV channel “1+1”. The Director of the movie was Andrew Donchik, premiered 18 August 2007. In the same year, Ponomaryov wrote the music for the film “My Prince”, Director Galina Sakhno.

From December 2005 to mid-2007, Alexander tried a fresh line – was the leading culinary show “Tasty country” on TV channel “1+1”. In 2007, out sixth album, the popular performer, under the name “Ncancel”, including the eponymous new song and hits “Ti Doccia me” and “just A minute kohai”. In the same year, the author has compiled Assembly “Zolot hits and ballads”, which combined the best songs of the singer over a fifteen-year career. Alexander also starred in the project of TV channel “inter” in the new movie musical “Duzhe Novara kno, ABO Nich have Muse” star singer played the role of vampire count Dracula. In 2007 the artist was invited to participate in a television dance show “dancing with the stars 2”, a partner on the floor singer was Polina Komisova. The first couple Ponomarev left the project, demonstrating to the audience just one dance – the Rumba.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

The artist became people’s artist of Ukraine

In 2008, Alexander Ponomarev, as an experienced composer, wrote music for the Comedy “7 days before the wedding,” directed by Sergey Lysenko. In the same year he became a music producer on the TV channel “TVI”. From 2008 to 2010 Ponomarev writes hits and shoots videos for them, the most impressive of which is “Love-viyna”, “Ljubisa ti mene?”, “Nikoli” in English “Do you want it?” and “Mam”. During the next presidential elections in Ukraine provided support to Julia Tymoshenko acted in a promotional concert for a possible future candidate.

In 2011 the artist was invited as a national star for participation in the fourth season music and entertainment show “national star” of TV channel “Ukraine”. The Duo Ponomarev made the young singer Alla Ivashina, the couple took the 7th place. In the same year, the contractor received the musical award “YUNA” in the category “Best performer” for achievements in music over 20 years of career. In the spring of the same year the singer became the star coach in the musical project “the Voice Krainy” telekanal “1+1”. The role of the mentor, he brilliantly performed during the first, second, third and fifth seasons of transmission. Under the guidance of Alexander Ponomareva his players in different seasons of TV shows, Anna hodorovskaya took first, Maria Yaremchuk – fourth and Vladislav Sytnik – the third place.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Ponomarev and Irina Kulik

Alexander also was a contestant vocal TV show “Stars in Opera”, in it the actors had to compete in the performance of Opera arias. “Golden voice of Ukraine” made the air vocal with partner Irina Kulik, they topped the table and shared the victory with equal points with a pair of Jamala that Vlad Pavlyuk. Despite the tight shooting schedule, the composer writes and shoots video for the next two hit “I snide you Kohana” in 2011 and “Mamma, I Fell In Love” in 2012.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

He was a coach on the show “Golos Krainy”

In 2012, in the concert hall of Kiev, “Crystal Hall” Oleksandr Ponomaryov presents a new original acoustic program “NSA version”. In the Assembly includes the hits of the artist, in a completely unexpected and unusual variations: the song “Ncerqa” was made in the style of Bossa Nova, the Cuban “Guantanamera” made in rock, and “I will find you, my love” acquired a shade of reggae. Alexander was also surprised by the performance of lyrical songs “I wanna be with you” the Soviet rock band “Nautilus Pompilius”.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Duo with Nastya Kamenskih

In December 2015, was held a Grand jubilee concert of Alexander Ponomareva, “I love you…” held in the National Palace of arts “Ukraine”. It was attended by top Ukrainian star Ruslana, Marichka Burmaka, Nastya Kamensky, Anna hodorovskaya, and another fifty musicians Symphony orchestra and the national team of the 16 participants of all seasons of “the Voice of the country”, in particular, with Maria Yaremchuk Ponomarev presented a new joint track “Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen”.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Yaremchuk and Ponomarev on stage

In 2016, the musician played in the next movie, action movie, Alexander Hoar, “the Competitor. Smertonosnoe show”, but in cameo roles. Next year, in the movie “WEAVING”, by the same author, Ponomariov played the mayor of the city, and also wrote the soundtrack “black sea”. The video for the song “I love you, Kate” and the new version of the video “I love only you”, both shot by Director Emir-Usein by Mahmudovym. In November on STB TV-channel in the fourth large-scale live show “X-factor-7” Oleksandr Ponomaryov presented the new lyric of the song “Svit twoh eyes.” In 2017, at a ceremony in the Palace “Ukraine” Alexander is getting another award to his collection – the award “Music platform”, it rewards channel “TRK Ukraina” from 2017.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Nationwide tour

In 2017, the presentation of the music video and the song extremely sensitive lyrical compositions “Poloniny”. It tells the musician, the song was written in 20 minutes of being at the piano and began a new stage in creativity of the meter. Director Vladislav Radzikhovsky was so impressed with the track that even made a short film with deep meaning in the dramatic plot. In the clip with Ponomariov appeared ex-NIKITA Anastasia Kumeyko.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

In the new clip, the singer played the ex-NIKITA Anastasia Kumeyko

In 2018, Alexander Ponomarev released the long awaited video about true feelings “the best instant”, a dance single was presented in December 2017, and in the title role in the movie played Russian actress Evgeniya Loza and actor Yuri clerk. In the same year, Ponomarev was invited as the star guest at the awarding Ceremony of the prestigious musical award “M1 Music Awards”. In January 2018 he released a new track “Winter”, he said on his official page in Facebook. Alexander also shared a lyric video to it on his YouTube channel. On the “Big Spring concert” on February 28 at the Palace “Ukraine” Oleksandr Ponomaryov performed along with the brightest modern stars of show business.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

“Golden voice of Ukraine” began a new phase in his career

14 APR Alexander Ponomarev spoke at a benefit performance of Opera diva Montserrat Caballe in the National Palace “Ukraine” tour which fell on the day of her 85th birthday. Ukrainian artist with a childhood dream to perform on the same stage with outstanding Opera diva. In the spring of 2018 Ponomarev participated in the concert “Night of the Premier with Katerina Osadchaya”. Alexander played along with the prima ballerina of the National Opera Ekaterina Kuhar, has recently received the title of people’s artist of Ukraine.

In September 2018 the talented Alexander Ponomarev will present new song and video “Neimovirna”. Piercing clip and melody of the song is quickly gaining popularity in the network, the number of views of the video, as shown by the official site in YouTube, more than 100 thousand enthusiastic fans rejoice and leave comments. The Director of the clip about romantic love became Vladislav Radzikhovsky, who has worked with Ponomariov already on his third project in a row. The film was shot in Portugal and the main role was played by Ukrainian pop singer IVA Holodova.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Dream to sing with Montserrat Caballe came true

Personal life

The first beloved Alexander Ponomarev met with competition of a name of Vladimir ivasyuka, she was the daughter of the famous Ukrainian songwriter and folk artist Nikolai Petrovich Brain – the Allen Brain. In her youth, she tried to become a pop singer, even made a few clips, but the visible progress is not achieved. At age 18 she married, had a child and was divorced at such a young age.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

The artist with his first wife, Alena Brain

To communicate with young people began only six months after we met, and soon began to live together. Alexander and Alena lived in a small apartment on Borshchagovka, the pair then moved to the cave. Alena decided on organizational issues, and performed the duties of Manager of the singer and was his producer. On March 20, 1998 Alexander’s first child, a daughter, a girl named Eugenia. At the Brain already had a daughter from his first marriage, Zoe, is five years older than his sister. After ten years of civil marriage, the wife never took Alain Brain, the controversial star divorce was full of all the Newspapers! Now Allen Brain became influential in their circles music producer and organizer of large-format projects, got married and gave birth to a third daughter, Solomia, from Ukrainian singer Vladimir Tkachenko.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Family picture: Alexander, Allen and daughter of Jack

In 2006, the Ukrainian star Ponomarev met Victoria Martynyuk, the girl was a student from Chervonohrad, Lviv region, much the younger of the elect, who agreed to become his wife. In the same year they got married and were married when Vick was only 18 years old, and Alexander is 33. Victoria also helped Alexander in: she acted as the operator of his latest clip, filmed for the song “Do You Want It” from the English-language album, in Cyprus, where his family had come to rest for a couple of hours a day spent on shooting. Even the clip includes footage from the shooting of the wedding of Ani Lorak in Turkey.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Victoria Martynyuk, the ex-wife of singer

In 2007, the couple had a child, a son named in honor of Pope Alexander. With his second wife Victoria Martynyuk in 2012, Alexander broke up. Tabloids pointed to the provocative causes: the singer beat his wife and zealously cheated on her, abused alcohol, but further rumors, this information was not left. The ex-wife of Allen Brain during the period of the divorce was on the side of Alexander, and defended it, commenting about the woman who lived with him for 10 years and knowing his character. Ponomarev such rumors flatly denies.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

The first child Sasha – daughter Eugene, born in 1998

Alena Alexander maintains warm and friendly relations, Victoria, broke off all contacts. At that time, the last romantic Alexander Ponomarev became eligible bachelor, but not for long he remained in this status.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Son Of Alexander Ponomarev

In 2015, one of the closest friends of the singer, presenter Katya Osadcha, shared the secret that her thirtieth birthday, in September 2013, people’s artist of Ukraine was doing to her hands and hearts, from which the girl refused. But now between them reign only friendships that stars is extremely expensive.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Birthday Ponomarev made an offer Osadchaya

A new wave of rumors swept around the romance of Alexander Ponomarev and Marichka Yaremchuk, his trust in a national vocal talent show “Golos Krainy”. The young singer was born 2 March 1993, her father, people’s artist of Ukraine Nazar Yaremchuk. The girl as well as Ponomarev, represented Ukraine at “Eurovision”, where he took sixth place.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Yaremchuk and Ponomarev – the suspects in the novel

In 2016, Alexander and Maria sang a duet of the song “Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen”, after which came the rumor about the affair between musicians with twenty years of difference in age. At the end of 2017, the actor has officially confirmed that he has sympathy for the girl that he likes Mary as a woman and as an artist, what will happen next is unknown so far: “We are together. Why should I deny it?”.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

42-year-old Ukrainian singer having an affair with 23-year-old girl

The journalists of “KP-Ukraina”, Ponomarev said: “You are behind the times, I have to Marichka Yaremchuk novel! Yes, I am now officially a guy Yaremchuk!”, but it’s the truth or not is unknown, shared photos, in addition to the public and there is no clear evidence of a stellar relationship there.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Beloved artist – Mariya Yaremchuk


All possible free time Ponomarev holds with Alexander younger – his son, with whom communication is limited to 12 hours per week. Despite the rigid framework, and feuds with ex-wife, the Ukrainian artist is traveling with a child, and together they visited the most secluded places of Europe and vacationing at sea, the father is actively involved in the development and growing son. In its seven years the boy was able to see many tourist destinations, thanks to a caring dad such as Venice, Monaco, Cannes, Prague, Cyprus.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

Alexander son travels frequently

Little Sasha is doing karate and judo, according to the latest sport even boasts victories in participation in municipal contests, but the father Ponomarev also stressed that the boy sings well, and whatever path he chose, always support him. Your 45-anniversary the legend of Ukrainian pop-music had with the son in Croatia, walking on the white boat in the Adriatic sea, on vacation, he reads Orwell and writes poetry that spreads in social networks.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

With his son Sasha for the magazine

The eldest daughter from his first marriage with Alice’s Brain, Eugene, 12 years of living together with a star dad. After the death of her grandfather, the mother was left to look after the grandmother, who lives out of town so she had to go to my dad. Jack learns Obolon at the Academy of arts and comes to her mother for the weekend.

Александр Пономарев - биография и полная карьера поп-звезды 90-х

A daughter from his first marriage Eugene


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