Ales : the children make a robot at cultural centre de Rochebelle

Alès : les enfants fabriquent un robot au pôle culturel de Rochebelle

The children must first find the correct pieces to assemble the robot.

The cultural centre of Rochebelle welcomes apprentices scientists during the school holidays. As of Monday 22 October, a group of nine children and started a build a robot in Lego.

“We must produce a puppy that will move and catch a bone”, explains Leila and Blueberry. All of two, with seven other children, aged 10 to 12 years, participating in the workshop robotics in the cultural hub of Rochebelle for this first week of vacation.

Under the tutelage of Morad Bedhouche, scientific mediator, they must assemble the pieces of the robot and the program. The workshop began on Monday October 22 and ends Friday morning. For the second week of vacation, another group will work on the electronics.


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