After a clash with Trump, the CNN journalist, or a private accreditation

Après un accrochage avec Trump, le journaliste de CNN privé d'accréditation

Donald Trump took at the press conference.

The White House announced on Wednesday 9 November that it was suspending the accreditation of a journalist of CNN after a clash with president Donald Trump at a press conference.

“I just got denied access to the White House”, has confirmed on Twitter Jim Acosta, reporter for CNN, a regular target of criticism and quotes from Donald Trump on the theme of “fake news”.

During a press conference organised in response to the mid-term elections, Jim Acosta, engaged in an exchange heated with the republican president, who did not want to answer him, refused to return the microphone to a young woman of the team of the White House.

It was then tried in vain to take him out of the hands of the microphone, and the arms of the two people who were briefly affected. “The president Trump believes in a free press and it waits and accepts the tough questions about him and his administration,” tweeted Sarah Sanders, the spokesman of the presidency of the us.

“We will not tolerate, however, never as a reporter raises his hand on a young woman who is just trying to do its job an intern in the White House. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable,” she said.

“After today’s incident, the White House suspends the permanent accreditation of the reporter involved, until further order,” said Sanders, without naming the journalist.

“Threat to our democracy”

“It is a lie,” said Jim Acosta on Twitter, speaking of the charge of the White House. “In his explanation, the spokesperson Sarah Sanders lied. It has provided false and cited an event that never happened,” said CNN in a statement.

The chain has given its support to a journalist and is alarmed by an “unprecedented decision” which constitutes, according to her “a threat to our democracy”. An association representing the press presidential has called the White House to cancel the sanction “disproportionate” and “unacceptable”. But in a new tweet Sarah Sanders stated that the White House adhered to its decision. “We will not allow the inappropriate behavior clearly documented in this video,” she said.

This is not the first time that Jim Acosta suffered the wrath of Donald Trump. But the atmosphere was particularly electric on Wednesday between the republican president and several journalists. The fracas began after a question from Jim Acosta on the caravan of migrants central american that goes to the border of the United States.

The reporter asked Mr. Trump if he had “demonized the migrants” during the campaign of the mid-term elections. Donald Trump responded : “No, I want them to come to our country. But they must come in a legal way”. Jim Acosta has insisted: “They are hundreds of miles away. This is not an invasion,” a word that Mr. Trump had used during the campaign.

At this time the president is pissed off. “Honestly, I think you should let me run the country. You, head over to CNN, and if you do well, your rating would be higher”, he said. It is here that occurred the incident of the micro. “That’s enough, go to the microphone,” quipped the president. Jim Acosta has, nevertheless, continued to interrogate him without letting go of the microphone while the president departed from the pulpit, expressing his / her intent not to respond. “I’ll tell you. CNN should be ashamed to employ you, you are very rude and a bad person”, has launched Donald Trump.

“I give the shots”

The journalist, who has succeeded Mr. Acosta at the micro came to the defense of his colleague, the greeting as a “reporter scrupulous”. Before responding to his question, Mr. Trump replied: “I’m not one of your big fans either, to be honest”, and “you are not what is best.”

As Jim Acosta rose once again to defend himself, Mr Trump added: “When you report the fake news, what CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people”.

The president then accused a journalist black of having asked a question “racist”. She had asked about his rhetoric, “nationalist”, which would have made the game of the supremacist white. “I’m the subject of a coverage (media) is very inaccurate,” said Mr. Trump. “I could make something fantastic and they (journalists, editor’s NOTE) would do something bad”.

At the end of the press conference, Mr. Trump said he hoped that “the tone could be improved”. “But it starts with the media”, he warned. “I give the shots and I don’t fight for me, but for the people of this country.”


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