Acne rosacea: everything you need to know about rosacea

Розовые угри: все, что нужно знать о розацеа

Pink cheeks is a small comfort in cold winter months, but for some people blush can create problems.

We are talking about rosacea, a disease characterized by redness of the skin, which is associated with inflammation of blood vessels and sensitive skin, according to Health.

Розовые угри: все, что нужно знать о розацеа

In this case, the person may blush from the hot food, wine, cold, wind, sun, stress and more.

Rosacea usually occurs on the face, nose and cheeks, but it can also appear on forehead, chin, chest, upper back and even within the eye, but more on that later.

The exact cause of rosacea is still not installed, but dermatologists believe that it is likely a combination of genetic factors and environmental factors. The disease can also be associated with other chronic inflammatory diseases, including food allergies, metabolic disorders, and hormonal imbalance.

Some studies show that obesity, Smoking in the past and excessive alcohol can be a risk factors of rosacea in women.

It’s also possible that microbes in the skin or on the skin cause inflammatory reaction of rosacea.

In short, anything that can lead to the dilation of blood vessels, can lead to the outbreak of rosacea.

Different types of rosacea

Розовые угри: все, что нужно знать о розацеа

Because rosacea can occur in different forms and locations on the body, diagnosis is not so simple.

Dermatologists believe that there are four main types of rosacea. They can hit different parts of the body and manifest in different ways.

Erythemato-teleangiectatic rosacea

The most common form, characterized by dilated blood vessels, redness and inflammation.

Papules pustularia rosacea

Acne on the face, which can cause swelling and the formation of pustules with white heads.

Timetosay rosacea

Thickening of the skin, sometimes on the nose. Some people with this type of rosacea may also develop rhinophyma. It is very rare — usually occurs in men.

Ophthalmic rosacea

Is characterized by irritation, burning or itching around the eyes. Has dry, can be covered with crust.

Розовые угри: все, что нужно знать о розацеа

How to treat rosacea

Treatment of rosacea depends on the variety. A dermatologist will help to determine the course of treatment: over-the-counter care products for the skin ointment prescription oral drugs or procedures in the office.

Recall, excessive moisturizing creams can harm the skin in the winter.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” that 95 % of cosmetic products contain at least one ingredient that is causing the Allergy.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that altruism along with a healthy diet and sport prolongs life, says a research group from the University of British Columbia.


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