A wealth that is in need of care

Une richesse qui a besoin de soins

The campaign sociofinancement for the restoration of the wall of S. O. S. Montfort beats of the wing, but the direction of the Vanier Museopark, which has the responsibility, intends to inject a dose of adrenaline in the course of the next few months.

In 15 months, only nine people gave a total of $ 510 to the collection fund on the site of sociofinancement gofundme. The goal of $ 80,000, which also includes the restoration of the mural Quartier Vanier.

The director-general of the Vanier Museopark, Jean Malavoy, who came into post a year ago, reports that there has not to be alarmed.

He approached the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, city councillor for Rideau-Vanier, Mathieu Fleury, and the director of cultural affairs at the City of Ottawa, Dan Chenier, earlier this year to tell them of the “priceless and unique” mural in Vanier, but the municipal election has forced the update on the ice discussions. Mr. Malavoy intends to resume after the installation of the new municipal council after the elections held on 22 October.

“I want to go back to the City to raise awareness, and I would like to mount a true fundraiser where we will go and look for major donors who will commit. Then I could leave the campaign since we would fund it interesting, ” explained Mr. Malavoy.

Michelle de Courville Nicol, who was president of the board of directors of the Montfort Hospital from 1995 to 2001, and that conducted with other the fight to the provincial government which threatened to close the facility, suggested a partnership with school boards.

“It is very important from the point of view of the collective memory, our heritage as a francophone minority in Ontario and in the Ottawa area, to keep alive the memories or the memory of what happened compared to the fight to save the hospital. Too often, the generations that follow us are not aware of their own history, although schools now are making a lot of efforts to help young people know their history, and develop their identity, ” observed Mrs. de Courville Nicol, emphasizing the same spirit of the importance of the promotion of the victories of the Franco-Ontarians.

“It can be used as educational material “, she added.

The fresco of S. O. S. Montfort, a symbol of the determination of the franco-ontarian, was installed at the corner of Vanier parkway and the path of McArthur. It was stored in April 2017. Other wall, and there are several in the area Vanier, are also in need of a facelift, said Mr. Malavoy.

“You look at these murals and it is told with the board that we are losing wealth, they are deteriorating, and that it is necessary to have a project to restore and not only in 2019 and 2020, but to have a program for that “, explained Mr. Malavoy.


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