A unique mask age 9 thousand years showed the world

Уникальную маску возрастом 9 тысяч лет показали миру

Thursday, November 29, at the conference of the Association for the Study of Prehistory in the Israel Museum presented the world with a unique stone mask, found to the South of Hebron. The researchers suggest that the mask is related to the cult of ancestors, which developed in that period.

Roni Lupu from the office of Aniceta said that the mask could be worn during the rituals of ancestor worship.

“The mask is unique, not only in itself, but because of where she was found. The mask is carefully carved out of yellow limestone. On the edges of the mask, drilled four holes – perhaps in order to tie mask to face. It is a very high degree of processing, the mask is symmetrical, even on her cheekbones,” – said Lupu.

Уникальную маску возрастом 9 тысяч лет показали миру

On Wednesday, the Israeli antiquities authority (IAA) announced that a rare prehistoric stone mask Dating from the Neolithic period (9,000 years ago), was discovered in the southern West Bank.

Уникальную маску возрастом 9 тысяч лет показали миру

Made of pinkish-yellow limestone, the mask in the form of a human face, has four holes drilled around the perimeter.

Ms. Lupu admits that Holes drilled on the sides of the mask indicate that it also hung when exhibited on public display.

“The stone is well polished, and the face perfect and symmetrical, even the cheekbones. The mask shape of the nose and mouth with distinct teeth,” said archaeologist Ronit Lupu.

Archaeologist OMRI Barzilai says that these masks are associated with the period of agrarian revolution, the transition from the economy of hunting and gathering to settled and agricultural communities, and corresponding changes in social structure and ritual religious activity.

Уникальную маску возрастом 9 тысяч лет показали миру

Also, experts noted that the mask was intercepted by a unit to fight the robbers of the Department of Antiquity of Israel among thieves, robbing archaeological sites. The mask, apparently found near Stumps Haver. All the details of the incident are not fully clear.

It is estimated that the world known, only 15 of these masks, and only two were accurate statements of where they are found. The remaining masks are scattered in private collections and their research is almost impossible. The finding indicates that the southern hills of Hebron in the distant period, was the center of production of such masks and religious activity in the region.

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