A tigress eating of humans killed, the men in the kitchen… : this is the lunch break

Une tigresse mangeuse d'humains tuée, les hommes aux fourneaux... : c'est la pause Midi

It is the hour of the lunch break.

It is the hour of the lunch break. Take the opportunity to have a different eye on the news. On the menu : the inspiration of our artist Man, the horoscope of the day, the world day of men in the kitchen, a tiger man-eater shot dead…

What inspired Man today

Une tigresse mangeuse d'humains tuée, les hommes aux fourneaux... : c'est la pause Midi

The glance of Man.

Today is the feast of the…

SYLVIE ! Think about it, we all know of Sylvie ! And the saying of the day : “The wind of November tearing off the last leaf”.

A small tour of the horoscope

Aries, back to household. Taurus, do not force events. Gemini, unexpected expenses. Cancer, not exertion. Lion, you have the risk appetite. Virgin,the day to be quite constructive. Balance, keep your feet on the ground. Scorpio, headaches. Sagittarius, slight fatigue. Capricorn, it is a bit confusing in your head. Aquarius, be attentive and tolerant. Fish, liver household.

It happened on a November 5,

Death of the cartoonist Jean-Marc Reiser, it was in 1983.

Une tigresse mangeuse d'humains tuée, les hommes aux fourneaux... : c'est la pause Midi

One of the drawings of Jean-Marc Reiser, artist-shock of Hara-Kiri and Charlie Hebdo at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris during an exhibition in January 2004.

Today is the day…

Men in the kitchen ! Most of the great chefs are men. And at home ?

The actu shifted

A tigress deadly shot in India, after a search of magnitude Bombay.

Une tigresse mangeuse d'humains tuée, les hommes aux fourneaux... : c'est la pause Midi

The tigress shot dead.

A tigress at the origin of the death of a dozen people in the last two years has been gunned down in India, much to the relief of the villagers, but raising any controversy about the conditions of his disappearance.

One of the hunting tigers, the most impressive of the last decades came to an end Friday night when the animal, T1 for hunters or Avni for defenders of wildlife, was killed by bullets in the jungle of the State of Maharashtra (central west).

More than 150 people had been mobilized for months to find and an important means deployed to this effect, such as infrared cameras or snipers perched on elephants.

The controversy erupted quickly, however, the media indicating that no sedative had been used to try to calm down Avni-T1, a mother of two little tigers for ten months. The animal is held responsible for the death of thirteen people since June of 2016.

The first victim was a woman whose body was found in a cotton field. Since, most of them were shepherds of the male sex. The supreme Court had given its green light to such an operation, the tiger is an animal endangered. But the institution had specified that the animal could be killed if the painkillers do operating not. According to a conservative indian in charge of forests, A. K. Mishra, interviewed by the Indian Express, a dart of tranquilizer was administered to the tigress .

“But she charged against the team, forcing Ashgar (Ali Khan, the son of a famous hunter in India, Shafath Ali Khan) to shoot in self-defense. The tigress has been killed net with a single bullet,” continued the curator. But this version is disputed by several sources cited by the Times of India according to which the tranquilizer was injected into the animal’s body after his death. A local activist of the cause animal, Jerryl Banait, considers that it is a “murder in cold blood”. “Avni was shot and killed illegally to satisfy the taste of the hunter for blood”, has accused the indian branch of the movement, the people for The ethical treatment of animals (PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Anyway, the villagers of the region, relieved, and celebrated the disappearance of the animal. The elephants and tigers, both endangered species, and threatened by the reduction of their natural habitat under population pressure, will kill on average one person per day in India, according to the figures of government. The authorities have launched a programme to preserve the population of tigers. Their number grew to over 2 200 people, according to the latest census of 2014, from a low of 1 500.

Bon appetite and see you tomorrow….


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