A terrible tragedy on the Dniester hydroelectric plant, police blocked all approaches from people hiding something

Жуткая трагедия на Днестровской ГЭС: полиция перекрыла все подходы, от людей что-то прячут

Dniester HPP

The guard of the Dniester hydroelectric committed suicide while on duty.

This is reported by the media.

It is now known that at the scene police found a local resident with a wound to the temple.

Жуткая трагедия на Днестровской ГЭС: полиция перекрыла все подходы, от людей что-то прячут

“On December 5, the police asked the head of security of the Dniester HPP. The official said that the guard, who took up the service, has killed himself”, – stated in the message.

Currently, the investigators appealed to court with a huge number of requests for the conduct of necessary examinations. Now police officers carry out Prime investigative actions.

In addition, the local media reported that allegedly at the crime scene was discovered service the Fort 17.

However, it is worth noting that in social networks there was a terrible video where a police officer in the supermarket “Growth” in Kharkov kills with aimed shot of a malefactor who attacked him with a knife.

This video is in bad quality, which, nevertheless, shows all important moments were recorded by a surveillance camera located in the store. A video posted on the page of the public “Live in Kharkov”.

The video shows how to open the doors of the warehouse or the store room and rushes out of them a policeman, and behind him – a man who tries to escape. Suddenly this man just drops – obviously, after the police shot and don’t budge.

Shooting in a supermarket Growth of

The video is published, with your permission, the elimination of the attacker, GSO staff in a supermarket Growth of Kiev.
Source: Nikolay Krivolapoff

Geplaatst door Live in Kharkiv op Donderdag 6 december 2018

We will remind, in Kharkov, police shot and killed 24-year-old visitor to the supermarket “Growth”, after he inflicted several stab wounds. According to law enforcement information, the victim refused to pay for the goods, and when he was shown into the back room and told to wait for attire, attacked the security guard and struck him three times with a knife. The policeman had nothing left but to open fire. The police officer shot twice. The attacker was taken to hospital, where he died, police operated.

In addition I should add that in the village of Verkhnyaya Sinyachikha, Sverdlovsk region, the student shot a classmate with a hunting rifle. The police have opened a criminal case.

“Are the causes and conditions that contributed to the event, with the aim of adopting measures to prevent such incidents in future”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

We will remind, the suspect in theft shot, stabbed the guard.

As reported “Znayu” the well-known supermarket gave the people of Kiev diabolical shower, vdeos.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that man cut retiree alive and filled with cement.

In Kharkov, in a supermarket shooting occurred


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