A terrible force: Zverev appeared double in skirt

Страшная сила: у Зверева появился двойник в юбке

In the first season of the Russian show “Toch-V-Toch” was attended by singer Natalie, and she recently reminded of this to his fans.

The celebrity showed how turned into Sergei Zverev, and posted a photo of himself in makeup next to a singing stylist.

Страшная сила: у Зверева появился двойник в юбке

“Oh my God, what a man!” – wrote the user not so much referring to Zverev, much to Natalia Employment.

Some fans of the singer and didn’t know she had a show with the reincarnation, but those to whom it was well known, called Natalie is very artistic. Some commentators wrote that her parody was in many ways better than the original.

Before Natalie showed one more photo from the show “Toch-V-Toch”, where the singer herself at the beginning did not recognize. The fact that the makeup of the project worked very hard and made Natalie incredibly believable Masha Rasputin. Despite successful transformation, as a result, the project won’t Natalie and Nikita Presnyakov and Irina Dubtsova.

Previously, we reported that the relationship between Zverev and his adopted son Sergei are not going well for a long time, but now they apparently got corrupted permanently. The heir of a famous singer and stylist willing to go to extreme measures to take away property from his father if he would give him material support.

Just a few years ago, the son Zvereva found out that he is not home, and adopted. After these events, in the family of the popular stylist there were constant conflicts. Every day the relations of relatives it’s getting worse and worse. Now, it seems, they have reached the climax – Sergey intends to select an apartment from the father.

Also earlier it was reported that the famous stylist and singer Sergey Zverev made a tantrum in the airport of Irkutsk. As noted by the stylist, after that, it behaved correctly.

We will remind, the son of the king of glamour is going to leave him without a roof.

Earlier Znayu wrote that the main Barber finally confessed his love to Baskov and Kirkorov.

Also Znayu wrote that Sergei Zverev disgraced at the airport.


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