A sign on a family picture saw the face of Jesus Christ, Keanu Reeves and Kurt Cobain

You can indulge in long reflection about the structure of the visual apparatus and to come eventually to the conclusion that people do not see anything properly and the world in the eyes of humanity distorted. But let’s dispense with philosophy. Neural networks see what they have been taught to see.

The study shows that the human brain is able to “fill the gaps” to see what you need, not what actually is.

The next picture is a good example. So a Reddit user under the nickname cldsehunter shared their, at first glance, the usual, family picture, which from afar you can see the outlines of Jesus Christ.

“A family photo on my fridge looks like a portrait of Jesus when you walk away far enough from it,” wrote cldsehunter.

The photo shows young man and woman sitting arm in arm with an elderly woman. But for people there is a tall floor lamp. On close examination of the photos is not unusual. But when viewed from afar, the lamp and the silhouette on the left merge together, turning into a man’s portrait.

The post quickly gained viral popularity, and the comments confirmed that optical illusion really works.

“If you squint, then too you will see Jesus,” wrote one stunned users. “It took too much time, but was worth every second when I saw Jesus,” said another of his sight.

Some netizens noticed that the optical illusion more like portraits of famous people. They stated that they saw the portraits of actors Christian bale and Keanu Reeves. Another image recalled the face of a maniac Charles Manson or musician Kurt Cobain.

We will remind, in the Internet lay out millions of photos and the same false information. Some of the images become sensations, or shed light on the story. And sometimes, these images in the right hands, distort historical facts.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” these old ladies of the a long time collecting dust in the old closet and lay idle. But ten years ago, on one of the antique fairs in California it was acquired by exhibition curator Robert Johnson, these photographs came in the form of a photo album in the publishing house Glitterati Editions.

Also “Znayu” I wrote in America in the early XX century a talented photographer Lewis Hein took a series of photos about the difficult everyday life of American children of that time.


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