A sacrifice to the gods? Archaeologists have stumbled upon an unprecedented treasure of the Celts

Жертвоприношение богам? Археологи наткнулись на небывалые сокровища кельтов

One of the largest hoards of Celtic coins that have been buried for not less than 20 centuries, was recently discovered by archeologists, in the area of Slovak town Turcianske Teplice, which is quite attractive for tourists. Unexpected find – silver coins, divided the scientists into two camps about why the money was actually hidden.

As it became known, the treasure was the biggest. In this case, was found 40 silver tetradrachms, which became a treasure of no less than 2000 years ago.

Жертвоприношение богам? Археологи наткнулись на небывалые сокровища кельтов

The researchers noted that they were 4 times more next coins in the coin-operated foot – pieces and each of them weighed almost 10 grams.

“The economic power of the Celts in the Slovak region was largely based on the use of natural resources, especially gold, silver and iron, says Karol Pieta from the Academy of Sciences in Nitra. – The value of the tetradrachm was four times higher than the nominal value of an ordinary dram”.

Жертвоприношение богам? Археологи наткнулись на небывалые сокровища кельтов

It is curious that just when the Romans were conquering the area inhabited by Celtic tribes. However, scientists can’t figure out who owned the coins, and why they buried them.

Experts still speculated on why the hoard was buried and what its semantic load. The first version is that the money was hid from the Roman invaders, and the second sacrifice to the Celtic gods and spirits, to appease which it was necessary to bury the coins, which is quite large at the time of contribution, because the versions differed.

Жертвоприношение богам? Археологи наткнулись на небывалые сокровища кельтов

Slovak archaeologist Karol Pieta’m sure these coins will be a great addition to the overall understanding of the culture of the Celts in the beginning of our era, and Museum exhibits that are part of the heritage of the people who once lived on the territory of Slovakia.

By the way, at the moment in Slovakia, local scientists are sounding the alarm and rush to find unique finds before they here you will find black diggers, who in the course of search operations use the latest achievements of science and technology is not worse than the archaeologists and behind in the land of almost no finds do not leave.

We will remind, during the excavation of the Archbishop’s castle, Soborg on the island we have in the South of Sweden, archaeologists found the Venetian gold Ducat of the fourteenth century.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in the South-West of the Netherlands, archaeologists found a bronze bowl for washing.

Also “Znayu” I wrote to Abu Dhabi, archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a mosque, which, according to preliminary estimates, about a thousand years.


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