A pregnant Regina todorenko said about their suffering: “I Want more gems”

Беременная Регина Тодоренко рассказала о своих мучениях: "Хочу больше камней"

Regina todorenko and Vlad Topalov

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer, 28-year-old Regina todorenko and 33-year-old Russian musician Vlad Topalov in July of this year, got engaged in Corsica. And on October 25, married, and secretly.

The stars for a long time concealed his affair and pregnancy Regina. TV presenter, answering numerous questions, noted that they are reluctant to marry, because preparing for the birth of a child.

Беременная Регина Тодоренко рассказала о своих мучениях: "Хочу больше камней"

However, on 19 Nov Vlad and Regina hinted to fans that have legalized their relationship. The pair recorded a video for the song “where you are”. In the video they’re driving around the city, singing the song and demonstrate the engagement ring.

And recently it became known that the lovers are really married. The news was reported by PR-Director of Regina Catherine Prmn,. She has published on the Facebook wedding photos of the newlyweds and wrote, “But it is now official: Regina todorenko secretly married”.

This news of course caused the fans a lot of questions, to which Regina responds little by little in the personal microblog.

In the last post pregnant hostess spoke about how hard she had to choose an engagement ring. Regina admitted that despite the fact that originally it was supposed to be a surprise, she wanted to participate in the purchase. In particular, she was worried about swelling of the fingers, which frequently occurs in pregnant women.

Regina todorenko in a funny post on Instagram talked about their “flour” of the bride.

“Your earnest requests and requests, we finally did it. 25 Oct in my life, a momentous event occurred -I became a wife. Coincidentally, on this day in the most dear to me of men – my dad and Vlad’s birthday. No wonder they say that a woman chooses a husband like her father. First, Vlad had planned to make the receipt a surprise, but I felt that something was being prepared and began to ask questions, it was necessary to choose not only the dress but also the wedding ring. Special thanks to my husband for patience. It is very difficult, being pregnant, to choose an engagement ring. “I want more rocks, no, I want less stones … Oh the fingers are swollen, Oh … and now some fine steel”. I’m the picky friend,” wrote Regina.

We will remind, pregnant Regina todorenko was walking her new husband.

As reported by the portal Znayu pregnant Todorenko amused network their rozkaryaka.

Takutnya wrote, Regina Todorenko showed looked like before I met Topalov.


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