A passenger plane refused to take off : in case the stench of a cargo

Les passagers d'un avion refusent de décoller : en cause la puanteur d'une cargaison

The durian is a fruit that gives off a stench.

A shipment of durian, these fruits asian particularly smelly, and caused the immobilization of a device indonesian for one hour after a rebellion by the passengers refusing to fly in undergoing its stench.

The durian is very popular among the foodies of south-east asia as the “king of fruits” thanks to its creamy texture and its taste is similar to some blue cheese, but its smell is likened by critics to that of sewage, vomit, or dirty socks.

It is banned in public places in several countries in Asia. The passengers on the flight of Sriwijaya Air, who had to leave Bengkulu on Sumatra island to Jakarta Monday, November 5, refused to embark, inconvenienced by the smell and worried about the weight of the cargo.

Two tonnes of the fruit smelly

The air carrier has to be recognised that the cargo hold of the aircraft were loaded with more than two tons of fruit smelling, but pointed out that the cargo was safe and that the smell would dissipate once in vol.

“The durian is not considered as a dangerous product in the aircraft,” said Abdul Rahim, an official of the airline on the channel Kompas TV on Tuesday night.

He has put the stink on account of the unusual heat, and emphasized that the staff had taken measures, including sprinkling of coffee powder on the fruits, in an attempt to absorb the smell. Finally, the air carrier has landed the cargo of durian and the passengers were able to leave an hour later to Jakarta.

The airport Bengkulu has indicated that procedures for the transport of durian would be revised to avoid future inconvenience to the passengers.


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