A glass a day orange juice helps.

Стакан в день: апельсиновый сок помогает от слабоумия

A glass of orange juice a day reduces the risk of dementia in men.

To such conclusion came from a team of scientists from Harvard University after over 20 years watched indicators of the health of 28 000 men, reports the Daily Mail.

Стакан в день: апельсиновый сок помогает от слабоумия

In particular, doctors were interested in the influence of fruits and vegetables on cognitive ability.

According to scientists, men who drank a daily glass of orange juice, 47% less likely to suffer from memory problems. Errors in memory can often hint at early signs adegeneration diseases of the brain.

“Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and nutrients, including antioxidants that may help protect the brain,” says Dr Hannah gardener (Hannah Gardener), researcher at the University of Miami who was not involved in the research.

Their therapeutic properties protect the brain from the accumulation of unwanted molecules and support healthy blood flow to the brain.

Lead author of the current study Changzheng yuan (Changzheng Yuan) said that long-term consumption of vegetables, fruit and orange juice “may be relevant” to maintain cognitive functions.

Стакан в день: апельсиновый сок помогает от слабоумия

In the experiment, the researchers stripped men (at the time they turned 53 years old) in five groups, depending on the amount of fruits or vegetables that are included in their diet.

The highest consumption was about six servings per day, the lowest two servings.

The group with the highest intake ate about six servings of vegetables a day, compared to two servings for the group with the lowest consumption.

In particular, the men ate raw vegetables, leafy greens and drinking orange juice.

To measure how it affected their brain health, researchers conducted tests on memory, when men was 73 years on average.

Protective role of regular consumption of fruit juice was mainly observed among the older men.

However, early studies lacked data on the memorization skills of the participants, which could show how their diet can affect the memory over time.

Стакан в день: апельсиновый сок помогает от слабоумия

Remind me again why drugs can not drink grapefruit juice.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” probiotics are not so safe for the body.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that the abuse svezhevyzhatye juices, including smoothies, can have a negative impact on health and lead to obesity.


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