A fisherman rescues a baby found floating in the sea, he thought it was a doll

Un pêcheur sauve un bébé qui flottait dans la mer, il pensait que c'était une poupée

The fisherman rescued the baby.

The child of 18 months had escaped the surveillance of his parents, who were camped by the sea. A true miracle.

One angler from New Zealand has saved the life of a baby a year and a half that was floating in the sea and that he had taken for a doll, reported the local press. “I thought it was just a doll,” said Gus Hutt in the journal Whakatane Beacon about the incident that occurred on October 26 on a beach in the Bay of Plenty, on the island Ile-du-Nord, where he was preparing his fishing in the morning.

“Then I stuck out my hand, I seized it by the arm, and even then, I still thought that it was just a doll.” “His face looked to be made of porcelain, with his short hair flattened on the face, but he let go a small cry and I said to myself, “Oh my God, it’s a baby and he is alive””.

Actually toy, it was Malachi Reeve, 18 months. The child had escaped the vigilance of his parents, who were camped in a site at the edge of the sea. After you have opened the tent of his parents asleep, he went down to the water, where it is sucked into the current.

“He floated at a good pace in the current”

Mr. Hutt had chosen that day to fish at a hundred feet from the place where he had his habits. “He floated at a good pace in the current. If I hadn’t been there or if I had been there a minute later, I would not have seen,” continued the fisherman. “He had a lot of luck, but it was not intended to go. It was not his time”.

Alerted, the child’s parents rushed to the reception of the campsite. His mother, Jessica Whyte, explained to the news site Stuff, as his son was then “violet, cold, and looked smaller than usual”.

The child, however, is fully recovered from the ordeal after receiving care: “It is equal to itself. Maybe he will have learned to be wary of the water, do not rush on the beach”. Jonty Mills, general manager of Water Safety New Zealand, the organization to promote safety in the rivers, lakes and beaches, said he was a “history rather miraculous”, calling on parents to be vigilant.

In 2017, the seven children of pre-school age died from drowning, as well as three children under the age of five years from the beginning of the year. “It takes less than a minute for a child to drown,” he warned. The security of small “requires adult supervision at all times”.


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