A dead man elected to the congress of the u.s. State of Nevada

Un mort élu au congrès de l'Etat américain du Nevada

Un mort élu au congrès de l'Etat américain du Nevada

Published the 07/11/2018 at 15:44
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The particularities of the electoral code of the United States have enabled a person of brothels, who died in October, being elected to the assembly of the State of Nevada in the western USA!!!

Dennis Hof, the famous owner of brothels who died on the 16th of October last, was elected Tuesday to the assembly of Nevada, during the u.s. elections mid-term, under the label of republican. In spite of his activity and especially of his disappearance.
According to the results of the local elections published on the website of the legislature of Nevada, Dennis Hof has won with 63% of the vote in the face of a candidate for a democrat in the 36th district of the assembly of the State to the west of the country, where prostitution as the game is legal. Known for his personality, rowdy, bear Donald Trump, former star of reality tv had opened seven brothels, gas stations and restaurants, publishing his memoirs under the title “The art of The pimp” (“the art of the pimp”), referring to the best-selling Donald Trump’s “The art of The deal” (“the art of negotiation”).

Invested by the republican Party

Dennis Hof had easily won the republican nomination in this riding, conservative and rural south of the State. But he died on the 16th October, after celebrating its 72 years of age at the time of a meeting of the electoral, in the company of an actor pornographic to retirement, and a famous representative of the lobby, anti-tax.

As the electoral code of Nevada authorized the retention of its application post-mortem, the voters have had the opportunity to vote for him on Tuesday. A priori, however, neither his body, nor his ghost should not sit in the capitol of Carson City, the capital of the State : the local politicians will appoint his replacement !


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