A couple of meerkats opened a massage parlor, but the first visitor was plush: funny video struck a network on the spot

Парочка сурикатов открыла массажный салон, но первый посетитель оказался плюшевым: забавное видео сразило сети наповал

These animals are a bit like monkeys, little raccoons, and a little bit on rodents. In fact, they are predators and close relatives of the mongoose. It is not easy to find among the wildlife such cute and adorable animals like meerkats.

Парочка сурикатов открыла массажный салон, но первый посетитель оказался плюшевым: забавное видео сразило сети наповал

They have long won users of social networks. And on the Internet there are more videos with sweethearts.

So in the Russian city of Barnaul zoo staff “Forest fairy tale” made a video in which a couple of meerkats decided to make massage a toy rabbit. A couple of furry friends dragged the toy across the cage and even down to the water, apparently believing that their new suffering from thirst.

“Good morning, friends! Who wants a massage 4 legs?” ask the authors of the roller.

A pair of meerkats have settled in the zoo at the end of October. Then it was noted that the new tenants only three months. After quarantine meerkats lived in a warm house where zoo visitors can see their incredible activity.

“After such massage, the Bunny must come to life”, “Little speedsters not sitting idle”, “Child two, and the toy one,” write the affectionate.

Note, meerkats surprisingly charming little creatures, causing a smile. Africans there are two beliefs associated with the meerkats. In accordance with one of the animals called solar angels. And not just because they love to soak up the morning African sun.

They are believed to protect settlements and livestock from the moon the devils and werewolves, which attack people and animals. In addition, settling near huts, meerkats clear the area of Scorpions and even poisonous snakes, which eat. Meerkats are easily tamed, and the locals sometimes having them at home to protect your home from poisonous predators.

We will remind, 28-the summer inhabitant of United Kingdom, Jordan Doyle finally decided to make an offer of marriage to his sweetheart. Since Mary (the beloved man) loves otters, he decided to make a special moment memorable.

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