A cheese making in switzerland trying to the refined music of his emmental

Un fromager suisse s'essaie à l'affinage musical de son emmental

Experience an unusual and somewhat original.

The music, it is said, soothes the soul, but softens the cheese ? This is the question that is asked a producer of emmental swiss, who, assisted by the High school of the arts in Bern, has decided to find out, to refine its cheese music.

When the visitor enters the cave of Burgdorf, a small town which is also named Berthoud in the bilingual canton of Bern, the scent of the cheese maturing tickle the nose. In a corner of this set arched dating back to 1853, nine wooden boxes that are open will be installed with inside of each of which is a wheel of emmental to about 40 cm in diameter.

Until here nothing abnormal, but the ear picks up soon of the sounds mingled together and when we approach closer to the cheese, we see a small system placed below the emmentals. Since September, an astonishing project here is underway.

Code name : “the audio equipment for the cheese, the experience between her and gastronomy“. The instigator of this initiative is called Beat Wampfler, veterinarian and cheese-making enthusiast who one day asked if the sounds, the music could not change the taste of its wheels.

“The bacteria are responsible for the formation of the taste of the cheese with the enzymes that influence the maturation, and I am convinced that the humidity, temperature, or nutrients are not the only elements to have an influence on the taste, but the sounds, the ultrasonic sounds or music can also have physical effects,” explains Mr. Wampfler, adding: “after, is that the cheese will taste better, it is difficult to tell”.

Led Zeppelin or Mozart

The cheesemaker curious was proposed to the High school of the arts in Berne (HKB) to assist in conducting the investigation. “We have examined the question,” says Michael Harenberg, director of the music sector of the HKB.

“Initially, we were rather skeptical, and then we discovered that there was an area called the sonochimie and who is interested in the influences of the sound waves, the effect of the resonances on solid bodies”. Students have therefore set up an experimental protocol. Each box has its style: emmental is rocked by “The magic Flute” by Mozart, another is fed to the techno, while its neighbors are aging at the sound of “Stairway to Heaven” of Led Zeppelin or hip-hop song of the group new york “A tribe called quest”. And of course, a cheese reference is not wired for sound.

With this device, “we can study the thing in a broad way,” said Mr. Harenberg, adding: “we try to operate in different directions in order to try to answer the question : is there something at the end of measurable ? Or something that has an effect on the taste ?”

The project integrates, in fact, a program launched last year by the High school in the swiss capital, “HKB touches earth”, and the idea is to bring together the different worlds that make up this township to both urban and agricultural.

“A little frightened”

Its director, Christian Pauli, now laughs: “we never thought we would find ourselves one day in the cellar of refining of Burgdorf to concern ourselves with cheese”. When it was question of working with Mr. Wampfler on this project, “at the beginning, we were a little scared,” recalls Mr. Pauli.

“We said: the cheese with the art, really ? We, associated with an experiment on the cheese ? It was thought that people would quickly say: ah yes, the Switzerland with his cheese…”

In the end, he said yes, convinced by the cheese maker, his enthusiasm, but also by the fact that eventually, yes, the cheese was part of the reality in switzerland and that a reconciliation between art and agriculture could be “exciting”. The emmentals will now grow old in music for several months and on the 14th of march, at the end of the refining process, they will be tasted by a jury of experts.

Beat Wampfler already has his preference: “I hope the cheese hip-hop will be the best, it would please me, because then we would have a possibility to enter in contact with young people”. “And perhaps people today are not interested in the cheese might as well have fun and buy”.


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