A body found nine years after… the funeral

Un corps retrouvé neuf ans après... aux pompes funèbres

Hoping that the man would be able to finally get a burial.

Tuesday, 6 November, skeletal remains were discovered in a body bag by the new director of the funeral home. An investigation is opened in Arras. It would be a man who died ten years ago, whose son had already hidden the remains for a year.

Certainly, there are those who do not have the right to a funeral. And for this man it happened twice !

The body of a man was discovered nine years after in the premises of the funeral of Arras, according to our colleagues at La Voix du Nord. It is the new director of the company who made the gruesome discovery Tuesday, November 6, an inventory and opening a body bag. She immediately called the police.

According to the first elements, there would be a policeman who died on the 27th of April… of 2008, therefore, the man died ten years ago.

The remains hidden to touch his pension for one year

Before landing to the funeral, the man’s body had already been hidden by his son for over a year. The latter has thus continued to receive the pension of his father, or 27 913 euros. He had been sentenced to six months in prison for fraud.

There has not been the traditional process

As the man’s death was suspicious after the discovery of his body more than a year after his death, an autopsy had been held prior to being released to the undertaker. But the body remained nine years in a bag without being buried. The survey will tell where there has been negligence and the people who complained could be sued for infringement of the integrity of a corpse.

Hoping that at the end of this story, the body will finally have a burial.


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