A bloody journey: the European road eight Ukrainians were in the “meat grinder”

Кровавое путешествие: на европейской дороге восемь украинцев попали  в "мясорубку"


In Poland there was a terrible accident. Due to the poor weather conditions faced passenger car and van. As it turned out, among the nine injured eight Ukrainians.

This was reported by “Polish radio”.

As a result of collision of two cars in the area of Krzeszowice (Krzeszowicе) near the Polish Krakow 9 people suffered. Among the wounded – 8 citizens of Ukraine.

Кровавое путешествие: на европейской дороге восемь украинцев попали  в "мясорубку"

In an accident hit a passenger car and a van driver who was hospitalized.

It is noted that the police had warned of very severe weather conditions. On the road the sleet, which greatly complicates the braking.

Кровавое путешествие: на европейской дороге восемь украинцев попали  в "мясорубку"

At the scene worked investigative team. All the details are being investigated.

Another accident on Polish roads. Driver knocked down three Ukrainian women

In Poland, the driver knocked down three women on a pedestrian crossing. Under the wheels of the Hyundai Tucson were three citizen of Ukraine.
Two insine died on the spot, the third with various injuries were hospitalized.

We will remind, in Lviv police detained the driver-the foreigner who caused a crash with three vehicles. The reason was the alcohol. The driver pulled a drunk as a Lord.

As previously reported by the portal Know.ia, on the track “Berdyansk-Vasylivka” that near Kiev, overturned bus full of passengers – several people were injured. Just in the cabin there were eight passengers.

The portal previously Know.Eeyore wrote that the re-examination of the case of Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova – defendants in the bloody accident in Kharkiv, killing six people, turned everything on its head, this simply no one expected.

On the results of examination on his page in Facebook wrote the lawyer Dronova Sergey Perepelitsa, calling them “false”. In his opinion, the experts turn a blind eye to the important details of the resonance of the accident.

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