6ix9ine in prison : DJ Akademiks, suspected of having betrayed him and ratted rapper, reacts

6ix9ine en prison : DJ Akademiks, soupçonné d'avoir trahi et balancé le rappeur, réagit

6ix9ine indicted for racketeering : DJ Akademiks ned to have knocked the rapper to the police

6ix9ine he was betrayed by one of his team members ? According to the latest info on the court case, the rapper was charged for racketeering, in particular, would have been balanced by a close to him and he would be DJ Akademiks. Charges quickly denied by the principal concerned.

The twists and turns in the case of 6ix9ine are apparently far from over : threatened by a gang, he was transferred to another federal institution, his trial is set for 4 September 2019, he could face up to 32 years in prison or even life imprisonment, and we learn today that one of his close friends would have denounced. A mole would be among his team and the latter would have ratted to the police information incriminating on the history of racket (one of the 17 counts against him). After Shotti, the ex-manager of Tekashi 69, the culprit would be DJ Akademiks.

“All these accusations are a shock to me”

DJ Akademiks also would have ratted to the authorities that the team of the interpreter of “FEFE” wished his death, but the main question ned formally to these accusations : “I just read that I risked charges of obstructing federal and that the FBI would be doing to me put pressure. It is to die of laughter. Should you stop to listen to the personalities, media morons, and the blogs that are false that are trying to make money on a big story. I should all sue you for defamation“, he posted on Twitter.

The friend of 6ix9ine then stated to TMZ to have “no connection with this criminal case against Daniel Hernandez and the other defendants” : “I consider them as good people“, he explains before adding : “all these charges, that I imply not a shock for me. I’ve never been questioned or even cooperated in this matter. I am only a journalist.

For its part, the federal government would have obtained the name of DJ Akademiks through the lawyer Shotti except that the latter denies any involvement : “I’ve never made any public statement about this. Any declaration that I would be assigned is false. I have not granted anyone an interview about this case“, he explained to TMZ. A matter is not resolved therefore.


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