5 simple ways to hide signs of a hangover at work

5 простых способов скрыть признаки похмелья на работе

1. Wash. If after the bar or club you went to sleep, chances are, you still exude all the possible flavors last night. Take a long shower. Better to be fresh and to feel it myself. Besides, a shower will help you Wake up.

5 простых способов скрыть признаки похмелья на работе

2. Well get dressed. Today is not the day when you can relax with the choice of attire. Whatever dress code you have work, perfectly match it. The main thing is not to attract attention to the work of a strange sight, that about the stormy nights of your learned colleagues.

3. Inspect the face. Even if you took a shower and got dressed maximally neat and beautiful, it does not particularly help the case, if you still sunken and bloodshot eyes. Should make the look very fresh. The morning scrub or mask will help. Coffee will help to make you energetic.

5 простых способов скрыть признаки похмелья на работе

4. Tidy hair. Nothing is said about a night spent outside the home, as disheveled and scruffy hair. And for that matter, the messy hair is an easy conversation starter for anyone curious colleagues wanting to ask you about last night. In order not to attract attention to take care of hair. Besides, put them after a shower is not difficult, if you woke up in my house.

5. Check for breathing. Usually, the smell of alcohol long felt in the breath. Even if you are not sure, there is a smell or not, assume that it is. Unfortunately, this is one of those things that is very difficult to see yourself, but which are very easy to notice all the rest.

5 простых способов скрыть признаки похмелья на работе

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