5 simple ways to get rid of Internet addiction

5 простых способов избавиться от интернет-зависимости

1. Find out how bad it really is. This will help to realize the seriousness of the problem. It would seem,to learn new information is always useful, but it is necessary to put certain limits, which will reduce dependence on the network and the communication in social networks.

5 простых способов избавиться от интернет-зависимости

2. Don’t feel bad for not reading the digital stream email, blog posts or web content. This will help to get rid of the desire to check email or access your favorite website over dose of new information.

3. Do not read everything word for word. Scanning and recognition is really important and necessary skill when you need to revise a lot of information. Don’t think you necessarily need to read all the messages on a monitored blog. It will only clog your head over unnecessary information in the head can go around.

5 простых способов избавиться от интернет-зависимости

4. Install timelines. Determine the specific amount of time spent online. And in any case should not break these boundaries, if you clearly intend to get rid of Internet addiction.

5. Determine when you must turn off the computer and take a walk. It is important to allocate time slots to ensure understanding and processing the information received. Besides, disable mobile Internet, too, is very useful. Especially if you are going camping, or to take a vacation at work.

5 простых способов избавиться от интернет-зависимости

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