5 easy ways to quit Smoking hookah

5 простых способов бросить курить кальян

1. Make a list of reasons. If you want to stop Smoking, make a list of the reasons for such action. And the list should carry. This will help to increase the motivation, and in a moment of weakness will help to stop Smoking hookah.

5 простых способов бросить курить кальян

2. Select method. To quit Smoking hookah can be gradually or immediately. The second method is not suitable for everyone. After unsuccessful attempts to quit Shisha Smoking cessation much more complicated. It’s better to gradually give it up, and eventually completely abandon it.

3. Select a day. Promise yourself to quit Smoking hookah, setting specific day as the starting point. Try to keep at least two weeks. Select a day without any other important plans to focus fully. Besides, to deal with different things will help get rid of the idea to smoke hookah again.

5 простых способов бросить курить кальян

4. Stop going to the hookah. After the decision to quit Smoking hookah need to stop going to the hookah. There is temptation. This is obvious, but it is not necessary to forget about it. It is better to tell friends about it at once, so you weren’t asked if they want to smoke again.

5. Enroll in a support group. Such groups can really help, because you will be surrounded by like-minded people who face similar problems. The interlocutors in the support group will always understand you. In addition, the support of like-minded people very inspiring and motivating, so do not put off going to groups.

5 простых способов бросить курить кальян

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