4 of the most unusual people in the world

4 самых необычных людей в мире

Our planet is inhabited by amazing people. Some of them have phenomenal opportunities, have neobichnie abilities and shocking appearance, that break the stereotypes that contradict the laws of physics and undermine logic.

Blue face

Paul Carson – 57-year-old resident of California. At 43, he began to heal from dermatitis. For 14 years his body is exposed to a variety of drugs with incredible doses. Due to the use of colloidal silver leather men acquired a bluish tinge. In person it looks like the makeup, very natural makeup!

4 самых необычных людей в мире

Computer memory

Jill Price has an amazing memory. She remembers every event of his life down to the details – regardless of when it happened: a year ago, day, minute, or even 10 years ago. The memory of women can be compared with the computer – she seems to collects the necessary information and activates it in the subconscious. This amazing ability began to develop at Jill 12. Now she’s the one with the best memory in the world.

4 самых необычных людей в мире

Rubber boy

This nickname was guy Jasprit Singh Kalra is the most flexible person in the world who got into the Guinness Book of records. It’s hard to believe, but he can turn his head 180 degrees and make unusual for other people poses. And this is considering the fact that he is not making any effort to do so. It can be in the most incredible poses for a long time.

4 самых необычных людей в мире

Jake Sellinger already in young age has tremendous power. Guy uses his gift on purpose – he dedicated himself to the sport. He took up powerlifting. Now he is able to lift a weight that exceeds the weight of his body. The guy is breaking records already and he’s still growing and getting stronger. What will happen when he reaches puberty?

4 самых необычных людей в мире

These unusual people – a vivid proof that our world is full of mysteries and puzzles, who eagerly wants to solve.

Portal “Znayu” already wrote about that in the Guinness Book of records got the oldest prostitute in the world

And 99-year-old woman who for 3 years has made 840 kits to African children

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