BlackRock Metals Gets Green Light for Processing Plant

A crucial step has just been completed in the realization of the project of a vanadium-titanium-magnetite concentrate (VTM) conversion plant at the port of Grande-Anse, La Baie. BlackRock Metals has obtained the decree of the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change to proceed with the construction of its secondary processing plant.
The mining company announced the news in The Daily on Tuesday. The authorization will be formally, Wednesday, the Government of Quebec.

“BlackRock Metals is pleased to confirm the receipt of their certificate of approval for the construction of the plant at The Bay,” shared the company in a correspondence from which we obtained a copy.

Last week, BlackRock Metals was granted environmental approval to develop an open pit mine for ferrovanadium mining in Chibougamau. Deforestation work has already begun on the site.

“The company is now in possession of the necessary certificates to go ahead with the construction of its mine in Chibougamau and its plant in La Baie,” added BlackRock Metals, thanking all the players involved in the matter. City of Saguenay.

A little over a month ago, BlackRock stated that obtaining the Certificate of Authorization was the last step before embarking on the last “funding mechanisms” towards project completion.

“With the certificates obtained, BlackRock now aims to complete its funding in the coming weeks,” we added, taking care to talk about weeks rather than months.

In mid-March, we learned that the Quebec Agricultural Land Protection Commission (CPTAQ) had authorized Hydro-Quebec to build a 161-kilovolt transmission line linking the Grande-Anse terminal. This was a new step towards the realization of the BlackRock project.

In an interview Wednesday, the regional spokeswoman, Alexandra Fortin, said that the process was proceeding normally, but that the certificate of authorization from the Ministry of the Environment had not yet been granted. “It’s going well, but it can take a few months,” said Ms. Fortin. Negotiations with landowners are still underway, but should be completed soon. ”

A $ 1.3 billion
The BlackRock Metals project represents total investments of $ 1.3 billion. It consists of extracting vanadium-titanium-megnatite concentrate (VTM) from a deposit in Chibougamau, which would then be transported by rail to the secondary processing plant to be built at the port of Grande-Anse. On site, the ore would be refined and processed, before being shipped.

The transformation of the VTM would allow the production of vanadium, titanium and pig iron. The vanadium plant would be the first in North America.

Last August, Philippe Couillard’s Quebec government announced $ 248 million in financial assistance for the project. BlackRock Metals received $ 185 million for the completion of its open pit mine and mill, and Port de Saguenay received $ 63 million in assistance to install the necessary energy equipment in the industrial-port area.

BlackRock Metals plans to create 800 jobs during the construction of the project. The operation of the Chibougamau mine would then create 200 jobs, compared to 300 for the operation of the plant at La Baie. The commissioning is scheduled for 2020.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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